Everything is bigger in Texas… including the conventions!

EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS… including the lines to pay for parking…


…well  now that we got that out of the way!

I have been to a number of conventions, ranging in size from very small all the way to major comic cons. The Alamo City Comic Con was the biggest to date. The actual size may not have beat out some of the ones in the past but the feel and all the stars that were there made the entire atmosphere spectacular. It was all together great and for their second year, it was a sight to behold!

The stars that were there ranged from big to small. There was Stan Lee and there was Ernie Hudson. There was Troy Baker to Kevin Eastman. DSC_2775That was one of the things that made this con amazing. The range of celebrities that they brought in was astounding. There was easily something there for everyone! Most of them didn’t even cost anything to meet and shake their hands. They all looked excited to be there (and if you didn’t know, there has been many times that I have seen stars that didn’t want to be at the convention…whatever the reason, It’s not cool) But to see the stars smile and laugh DSC_2830with the fans was great! It was a pure connection of the fandoms and the fans!



The cosplay was next level as well! From the smallest, simplest,DSC_2799 cosplays, all the way to the huge extravagant costumes, they were amazing! They had professional cosplayers come in from everywhere and they didn’t disappoint. They were nice, gracious, and awesome! I personally got to talk to a few of them and we will be bringing you those interviews soon. Enjoy the small gallery below and go to our facebook to see more! (click here)

It was a great convention and make sure to pay attention to the blog and Facebook for many more updates and interviews coming. Thanks again and God bless Texas!

DSC_2812 DSC_2811 DSC_2808 DSC_2788DSC_2798DSC_2829






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