We talk coming home and cosplay with Meg Turney!

Well guys, one of the highlights of the Alamo City Comic Con for me was getting the chance to meet Meg Turney from Rooster Teeth and get to know her a little better. Below is the interview from the weekend. Make sure to check out all the links at the bottom and the small gallery!


Me: How are you enjoying San Antonio so far?

Meg Turney: I love it. I’m from Austin so I’m familiar with San Antonio.

Me: Are you excited to be back in Austin?

Meg: Absolutely! So excited. Um, I mean California was fun, but it’s good to be home.

Me: I know from everything that you sounded glad to be back. Are you getting to much grief for working here in Austin with Rooster Teeth and all that?

Meg: I find that the real fans are just excited that I’m happy, and the people that say things like ” oh bad career move” or whatever they want to say, um those aren’t real fans so they’re not my focus.

Me: Absolutely, I was sad to see you leave Source Fed, you were one of my favorites, but now it is changing and evolving. What do you think about some of the newer people they have on Source Fed like Matt Lieberman?

Meg: You know actually, when i was discussing leaving, I told Phil (Philip Defranco)  or Phil and I talked about my leaving pretty early on, so I had a chance to meet all the new people. I kind of actually put my input into who I thought could fill the role the best and Ranna is amazing, I love her. I fought really hard, not fought like i had to fight but I was just really vocal about how much I liked her and I was really happy that they chose to have her come on and sort of fill my place there cause I think she is fantastic.

Me: So what are your plans now, working with Rooster Teeth, going forward? Any big plans?

Meg: You know just doing Rooster Teeth stuff. We just started the know it all series. It’s been really fun and I love doing a live show, which is exciting. I’m just starting to do the patch, hopefully sometime I will do the podcast. Just trying to get my footing in Rooster Teeth and in their fan base. And honestly, my favorite thing is just talking about video game news and I get to do that every day so I’m happy with that.

Me: Any cosplays coming up?

Meg: Yes! I Actually have been working on a Utena costume from Revolutionary Girl. I am about a solid days work away from finishing it. I thought I was going to get to finish it this weekend; i just didn’t have time. That will be next and I am really excited about that.

Me: How did Penny (Her dog) take the move?

Meg: Oh, Penny is so happy. We have a back yard, which she never had in California. She has a cat friend now. So that was an adjustment, but I think she really does enjoy it. When he’s not around she looks for him and they’re friends.  I think L.A. was just to much city for Penny. She loves squirrels/ and all that so she really loves it.

Me: Well, thank you very much for your time.

Meg: Of Course!

Me: It was great getting to meet you and talk with you.

Meg: Thank you so much.

A small gallery of photos! (all photos from Meg’s facebook)

73319_385932008174242_1994808917_n 1185635_402704909830285_1177982075_n 1238997_402677906499652_360765563_n

Check out Meg’s links!



As always guys, thanks for checking this out and hope to see you all again! We will have more interviews from ACCC 2014 soon and more news, reviews, and just randomness. Keep checking in and let us know what you would like to see in the future!


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