Which Avengers will assemble in 3?

Well by now I’m sure everyone knows that there are rumors about the 3rd avengers movies being split into two separate movies. There are several different theories as to what is going on but let’s look at the facts. We looked high and and low and used many different resources, and this is what we’ve come up with…

Are they doing this to make more money? Movies have done this before l, series like Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games, and it seems to be a normal trend these days. But hold your horses now… there is one major problem with this.


Picture via spigot

If they do split this movie into two parts, then how do the contracts of some of the major roles work out? We all know that RDJ, Evans, and others are only signed on for one more major movie and some with one more small movie. Splitting this into two movies means that some of them would not make it to see the second part.

They could kill of some of them? That’s been a theory for a long time. A lot of people belive that one of our major hero’s will not make it through the Age of Ultron… I happen to be one of them. But that’s a lot of dead heros…

We’ve also heard that maybe they are not splitting it into 2 movies but that there is something past Avengers 3 and that Avengers 3  would be a spring board into that. But if that is the case, what do you do for 3? You would need your major hero’s for the next movie coming, so you could not use the last contract you had… so what do you do?

Maybe with everything going on in TV universe and the movie universe they will merge the two even more than they already have. Maybe they will even run the Avengers underground after the war with Ultron… maybe we will need the Secret Avengers.


If the line up was used the right way you could save most your major contracts and bring in a ton of the smaller roles and make them more popular and well known. This would help you once the others were gone. Using Nick Fury, Collison, Hawkeye, Bucky, Black widow, etc. You could make it a great movie. Just think about where Fury went at the end of the Winter Solider… he went underground. I think it would be a perfect set up for a final movie on this arc. An Infinity War movie that will bring everyone in from the MCU.


But what do you think? Do you think this would be possible? What are your theories?


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