Are you ready to fully experience Marvel?


Come one and come all!

With the announcement today that the Marvel Experience tickets will go on sale tomorrow, the Internet has exploded! Tons of people have been looking forward to this and ever since the small rumbling of what is coming, the hype has been real!


The event is said to be taking place in 7 major domes and is a full experience of what marvel has to offer! There will be everything from 4d rides and augmented reality games. This will be a full 3d experience from beginning to end.

Everyone that enters the event will become a S.H.E.I.L.D. agent in training and do everything from swing with Spiderman to flying with Iron Man. You will team up with your favorite hero’s and take on the evils of the Marvel universe. They even say that by the end,  you may be the hero!

This amazing event is for all ages and for those of you who are worried that you may be to old to fully enjoy the experience,  here is what Hero Ventures CEO, Rick Licht had to say

“While I’m sure kids will eat this up, we know that there is an extensive Marvel fan base over the age of 25 – and we’ve created this event with them in mind. The grown-ups are going to absolutely love The Marvel Experience!”


I don’t know about you guys but I am more than excited and I will be attending the event in Dallas without a doubt. This is a once in a lifetime type of experience and is a must see for every Marvel fan boy!

Here are the tour dates as of now and the event with be in each town around 2 or 3 weeks:

Dec. 12 – Jan. 3 Phoenix, AZ The Domes at Salt River Fields – Talking Stick

Jan. 9 – Feb. 1 Dallas, TX The Domes at Cotton Bowl

Feb. 7 – Feb. 22 San Diego, CA The Domes at Del Mar Fairgrounds

Feb. 27 – Mar. 22 San Francisco, CA The Domes at AT&T Park

Make sure to check out the official page here and go there tomorrow to grab your tickets!

We will have more updates on this as they come out and of course we will bring you coverage from the event when it comes… I feel like a giddy school kid! Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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