The stunning Karen Sakai is on the playground!

Today on the playground we have the lovely, talented, Karen Sakai. She is an aspiring model and awesome cosplayer. So here we go. 5 questions!


1. Are you into anime, and if so which is your favorite?

Yes I like anime!! But I generally like all “cartoon” material. I would have to say my favorite Anime is between One Piece & Fruits Baskets!!

2. What’s a hobby you have the might surprise people?

A hobby I have is gardening. It’s very relaxing to tend to plants haha. I think it feeds off the rewarding sensation of biting into a juicy product that I grew all by myself!!

3. Is there any word that drives you crazy?

Yes, it’s any word that antagonizes myself for being mixed. As in half white & half Asian. I know I will never be able to stop it & being in the beauty industry, it will never stop. But It’s quite annoying to constantly being called “hapa” “hafu” “eurasian” “mutt” “hybrid” & “mixed breed”. I wish more people cared about the personality & heart that one had rather than the colour of the skin.

4. What is your guilty pleasure food?

My guilty pleasure of food would be…HAMBURGERS. It’s so bad for me but come on, that’s my county’s food!! I love juicy hamburgers with cheese, grilled mushrooms, & grilled onions. Lord take me now!!!!

5. Any plans for 2014?

The only big plans I have for 2014 would be finding out if I become a naval officer or not. To be honest, I loved the Navy & I’m stuck whether or not I want to become fully active or remain a primatologist (someone who studies primates)

Enjoy the gallery below but also make sure to check out her Facebook here!





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