This movie is not suicide!

After doing some looking at the massive list of movies that DC passed along this week, I found myself surprised. The movie that caught my eye was… The Suicide Squad?


Of course all the awesome JLA movies look great and I’m excited for most of them… besides Cyborg… not sure giving him his own stand alone is the greatest move but okay. But those movies were a given. We know they are coming and  they seem like they will be well done. From Ben Affleck to Gal Gadot, the movies seem loaded. They’ve got the Rock blacking Black Adam, but what about the Suicide Squad? Who takes that role?

As a matter of fact, we already have a list of actors that have been offered a spot in the movie, and they are not small names. Will Smith, Tom Hardy, and Ryan Gosling have all been named as possible members of the rag tag team of villains looking for a pardon.

But honestly the only one I can see fitting in is Tom Hardy. I know that Will Smith is a great actor but who does he play? I could see him possibly doing the voice for Dead Shot as the leader or possibly a government official, but that would be about it.


Thanks to the Latino Review we have a rumor on the line up of the Squad that would take to the big screen. They say that Dead shot, Vixen, and Harkness being the main focus points, and backing them up will be Blockbuster, Multiplex, Jaculi, and Mindboggler. I’m not so sure that this will be the final line up but they seem to be dead set on it. I think we will see a shot of Harley Quinn in the movie just to show her off even if she’s not in it the entire time.

We have David Ayer directing the movie and knowing the movies in the past I’m sure it will be gritty with a splash of humor, just like training day and Fast and Furious, which is perfect for this movie if you ask me!

Now for my thoughts…
I think the movie will do well with comic fans and even bring in some that just like the shoot’em up movies. I think that one big name is enough and that bringing in too many stars will make it feel to stuffy and take away the rough edge it needs.

This could be DC’s Gaurdians of the Galaxy. It could be something that no one thinks will work but does a great job of bringing the anti-hero and underdog to the main stage. (Plus is it just me or do Dead Shot and Starlord even look similar?) Bottom line, this movie has perked my interest and many others. Now all they have to do it not mess it up….

Well what about you guys? Are you excited for this movie? Will it do what Guardians of the Galaxy did for Marvel and bring some fresh blood to the masses? Let us know in the comments below!


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