Does Batfleck have his trusty sidekick and does this mean full blown Dark Knight Returns?

Well, we know one thing for sure. Jena Malone is confirmed for a part in the coming Batman Vs Superman movie. There are tons of rumors going around right now that says she will be playing the female Robin, Carrie Kelley, from Frank Millers “The Dark Knight Returns” series. The major question is, is it true? Well… let’s take the trusty eye test and let’s see.

Jena_Malone_Deauvilledownload (1)Looking at them next to each other, it looks good to me. I think that this is the part for her. She has the young look to pull off the version of Robin they seem to be aiming at. It only makes sense that Carrie Kelly would be in the movie seeing the choice of style for the Batman costume. Everyone said from the start that it looked just like Frank Millers Batman and then they announce Malone is in the movie and, even if not confirmed 100% right now, everyone jumps to this conclusion. It makes complete sense to me.

Her roles in the past, from Rocket in Sucker Punch to Johanna in The Hunger Gamer, has gotten her ready for this role. She knows how to do the action scenes and she knows how to act. I believe that they could not have done a better job in the choice of a Robin. It helps add in another great female role and adds another side to Bruce/Batman all together.

The next question is, will the story line will follow to Miller comics and story line in general? How does all of this fit into the universe they are trying to create? Well, I have an idea or two…250px-Dark_knight_returns

I believe the movie will follow rather closely to the Earth-31 story line from DC and follow most of the Dark Knight Returns story, minus the Joker. There are just many similarities between what we know about Batman Vs Superman and the original story for the two not to be linked. I believe we will see the Mutants, a gang running wild in Gotham,  that will lead to the Sons of Batman, and Superman will end up working with the Government for that final showdown in Crime Alley. I do believe it will not be Oliver (the Green Arrow) that ends up helping him take Supes down but it will end roughly the same way. I do think that we will see the “death” of Batman/Bruce Wayne in the movie. What a way to shake up things and put the average movie goer at the edge of their seats… I CAN NOT WAIT! I am finally pumped and excited to see what DC can bring to life in this series of movies.

What about you? Agree? Disagree? Comment below and let us know!


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