Age of Ultron trailer is now official!

After the trailer being leaked on line, Marvel officially released it. This is according the Variety 

With it being just an onslaught of shots from all the different characters, two things stick out to me.

1. The Hulk/Banner has lost his freaking mind! There is a shot 30 seconds in to the trailer where you can see Banner sitting on the floor with a wild look in his eyes. After that, there is a scene of him running through a forest like he is running from something. What is after Banner and what has one of the greatest minds in the Marvel universe so obviously shaken? (check out our Hulkbuster theories here)

2. Ultron is a BAMF! The scenes of him walking out while all the avengers are there is amazing! He looks torn up and messed up but at the same time, the message behind it was ominous. It leaves some much despair for this movie, so much emotion. Team member against team member, family become foe… This is going to be awesome and set up so much so more in the future!

Enjoy the trailer below!


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