5 questions with Callie Calypso!

Welcome once again to the Playground! We had the lovely pleasure to talk with the very talented Callie Calypso and get to know here just a little bit better! Enjoy the talk below and as always there will be a small gallery of here work at the bottom!


1. What was the first con you ever went to and what was that experience like for you?

First con ever (that I distinctly remember) was WorldCon in Baltimore in 1998. My mom was there with a table promoting her novel which was published a year before. I was 8 years old. We entered their masquerade competition. The costumes were inspired by the Lion King Broadway costumes (I was Simba). Everything was hand beaded. It was beautiful. I’m positive my mom won a workmanship. Aside from the masquerade I was kept in children’s programming due to my age while my mom was busy with her table, but it got me familiar with the Baltimore Convention Center which I would see a lot more of starting in 2000 when my mom decided I was old enough to take with her to Otakon.  I had a lot of fun even though I didn’t quite understand it. It definitely fueled my love for fandom and costume making. In the children’s programming room I made my own “renfaire outfits” using scraps of fabric, glue, and a stapler. I impressively was able to make a skirt that way! haha  My first self made costume was Sana Kurata from Kodomo no Omocha (aka Kodocha or “Child’s Toy”) in 2000 – I was 10 and it was for Katsucon. I edited an old school uniform to look like one of her outfits and danced on stage during their cosplay contest to the original series opening to much positive reception. Let’s just say most of my early experiences were very good!

2. Everyone loves pb&j sandwiches but if you could only have one (just peanut butter or just jelly) which would it be?

Peanut butter. I love me some protein!  (Take that how you will 😉 )

3. Best female comic book villian?

Harley Quinn! No, wait, Black Cat! Eh – could those be considered gray area/anti-villains? Fine. I love complex villains though. Like the Joker.

4. Where is the most beautiful place you have ever been?

…….That is tough. I have been to so many different places. But I love the ocean and nature. I remember beautiful sights when hiking Mt Rainier with my dad many years ago. The view of the north Pacific from Orcas Island off the coast of Seattle/Washington State. Also the view of the gulf and Atlantic from Key Biscayne – just how blue the water could look.  I also love the inner Harbor in Baltimore. And my favorite view may have to be the New York City skyline coming into the city from New Jersey (though it had more impact pre 9/11 unfortunately), it was a sight I saw often having been to the city so much as a kid but could never get enough of. Why must you ridiculous people make me choose?

5. What are you plans for the rest of the year?

Honestly? I don’t know! Halloween week will be spent with family in Disney World. After that I’m a guest at a small one day comic show in Dallas. Aside from that it’s the occasional photoshoot, working on cosplays, taking care of my family, preparing for the holidays, working for The Party Angelz ( www.thepartyangelz.com ) and promoting the release of the Ladies of Power calendar ( http://www.ladiesofpower.org ). I’m also drafting a couple of short film projects as well as a wildlife documentary, though I doubt filming will begin before the end of the year. I definitely like to keep busy, that’s for sure!



Enjoy the small gallery of pictures below and make sure to click the Facebook link at the bottom to look at more from this talented model and cosplayer!


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