Spawn coming back to HBO…not the big screen


Well, if this isn’t bitter sweet news, I don’t know what is. The man himself, Spawn is back! It seems that the animated series that was so popular on HBO is in the works for a come back. This is great news to a number of fans who have been waiting a long time to see their favorite anti-hero again.

Creator of the hellish character teased fans on his Facebook page with this image just earlier this week.


There was also a concept art image of a city street. It looks dark, as it should, and I personally hope that it does great and his popularity rises again. But this is not the Spawn news I had hoped for.


Being a fan since the start of this great series, I had hoped for news of a movie reboot. I loved the original movie and believe the only thing that held it back at all was the CGI. Now days those problems would be left in the dust and McFarlane could bring the dark and sinister world to life in all its glory.

This is a start in my eyes but will they just stick with an animated series? Are there plans to bring him back to the big screen? With all of the awesome superhero movies, why not bring something darker to the screen for all the adults out there? There is no telling at this point but I can always hope.

What about you? Are you satisfied with an animated series or would you like to see his rebirth in a movie also? Tell us below!


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