Spending Halloween with Lionheart FX

With Halloween bring tonight, we decided that bringing you a scary and terrifying interview would be the thing to do! Now, I am sure that if you have been on Facebook in the last week you have seen the socket girl video… You know the one. It is the one where the girl is all bandaged up and then an eye pops out from where her mouth should be… Well, let’s get to know her a little better! Make sure to check out the links and small gallery below. Enjoy!


1. So besides the amazing work you do with make up and special effects, what is another hobby you have?

I have a lot of hobbies actually. I cosplay, read, write, draw, paint, and love to cook, go on hikes, game, collect comics, sculpt, go on road trips…I like to stay busy, haha. Life’s too short and precious to not stay productive or have fun.

2. What started your love for doing make up?

I’ve been making home movies since I was like, 6, haha. My love for makeup mostly branched off from Star Wars, though. I always wanted to recreate the aliens and be a Jedi, but I would do that with Crayola markers and my mom’s lipstick, so you can imagine she wasn’t too happy about that. As I got older I started branching out to some practical films such as Clive Barker’s ‘Nightbreed’ and John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’. Both are two of my absolute favorite films to this day because the makeups and animatronics are so ahead of their time.

3. What is the most odd job you have ever worked?

Hmmm…I’m assuming you mean makeup job, haha. I don’t really any awesome “odd job” stories, but I do have a horror story. I was flying out to LA for the first time this past January for a big DC Universe photoshoot being put on by Adam Jay, a UK based photographer. I had just gotten a brand new makeup kit and filled it with all of the new makeup that was going to be used for the shoot, along with all of the makeup I’ve ever owned (just in case), my airbrushes, compressor, some latex, prosaid…everything I needed plus backups. When I checked my case I asked them if there was absolutely any way I could pay to check it and then keep it on the plane because I was paranoid about something bad happening and of course, there was nothing they would do, so I crossed my fingers as I watched it go. I had a layover in Charlotte, North Carolina and as I was getting on the connecting flight, an announcement came over the PA saying, “Is there a tattoo artist on this flight with a compressor and some inks? Please page a flight attendant if this is your luggage.” I had a compressor so I immediately paged them and when I mentioned I was a makeup artist and had a compressor, they just said “oh, alright, thank you.” I was suspicious because nothing else was said. One of the luggage guys even came up to me and asked me about my case and I said, “yeah, that’s mine, is everything alright?” He just nodded and walked off. When I landed at LAX, I was patiently waiting for my makeup case to come down the chute, and to my dismay when I saw it coming up, it was completely wrapped up in tape. Even worse…when I picked it up, it was completely empty. the lock had been broken apart, one of the wheels on the bottom was gone, it was completely dinged up all around the sides…it was BAD. I went to the office about it absolutely livid because there was well over $1000 of makeup and equipment in that case. It even had my sculpting tools and my favorite hoodie whatnot because I usually kept everything together for makeup school, plus I threw my hoodie in there for extra protection since I had a compressor inside. They basically handed me a form and said, “get all your receipts, here’s a number, good luck.”
My first experience in LA for a big job and everything I had owned relating to my makeup career was GONE. I was in panic mode. Thankfully my friend (who is also a makeup artist) picked me up and took me to check out the shop he works at to see if one of the other makeup artists there could loan me a few things to use for the weekend. I ended up meeting Megan Areford, who was a Season 1 contestant of Face Off, and even though she had JUST met me, she loaned me her personal makeup kit with all of her own makeup, brushes, etc. I was floored. There’s no way I would have been able to do the shoot that weekend if my friend hadn’t taken me to meet her and get a loaner kit, but the fact that she trusted a girl she didn’t even know to use her personal kit is still the single most amazing thing anyone has ever done for me. She saved my job and now that I’m living out in Los Angeles, she’s even hit me up for some possible future work. That’s the thing about this industry…it’s all about who you know and the connections you make. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have met some fantastic people so far.
And by the way, the airline reimbursed me several months later (unfortunately it made me miss a lot of my school project deadlines because I had nothing to work with), but the check arrived the day before I was leaving for IMATS New York (a makeup artist trade show), so I got to replenish my kit over the weekend and got a wonderful new case that has traveled way more often and has never let me down. (If you’re curious, it’s a Zuca bag. I think every makeup artist should invest in one because it’s amazing. Megan suggested that to me as well and I’m glad I did!) It all worked out eventually!

4. Which is better, Pepsi or coke?

Neither! I don’t drink soda. I prefer a hot cup of tea. πŸ™‚ Earl Grey blends are my favorite.

5. Any big plans for the rest of the year?

I have a few projects I’ll be working on this year, some are *hush hush* but one of them will be working with Dustin Dorough on his Winter Soldier vs Captain America shoot this December. (Which you should go check out his page on Facebook because he’s one of my closest friends and a genuine real-life superhero. He’s amazing.) I’ll also be attending Comikaze Expo in LA this Halloween weekend and maybe a couple other local conventions as they come up. This is why I love that I moved to California! The weather stays decent year round so there are conventions all of the time. So many options. πŸ™‚ I’m also working on starting my YouTube channel since I’ve gotten such a ridiculous and unexpected reaction from that simple makeup I did that’s gone viral! I guess that was the motivation I needed to really get that going after sitting on the idea for so long. I’m going to be doing tutorials, time lapse applications, and I’d love to just talk about all these questions I’m asked on a daily basis like, “Where do I even begin when it comes to makeup?” or “What do I do if I don’t live near any big makeup cities?” I came from a really small town (German Valley, IL. 480 population.) and ran into that same issue when I was trying to get started. I didn’t have any connections, no friends that would help me do things like lifecasting or molding, and when I wanted to get materials or supplies I didn’t know where to go because I was still a good hour and 45 minutes out of Chicago. On top of that, I didn’t know what to even look for. The internet is becoming more and more useful for getting started but I’d like to address those things up front for people that don’t know where else to look. Eventually if I ever get to a financially able point in my life, I’d love to travel to small towns and do workshops/classes so people can have those experiences. My heart goes out to small town artists because, well, I am one! Other than that, I’ll be updating my Facebook page with any upcoming projects or jobs I get for everyone to see. πŸ™‚

The links:
Official page
Adam Jay’s facebook
Dustin Dorough’s facebook

The gallery:




We would like to take a second to thank Lionheart FX again for all there time and amazing work! No one loved a good make up artist like I do! Hope you all enjoyed. Leave a question for her in the comments below and maybe we will do a part two! The 92nd for reading and until next week!

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