We have a name! The Force Awakens!

Well the day has finally come! With the filming of episode vii wrapping up, they decided to throw us a bone. They release the name earlier today and is starting to spread its way across the interwebs as we speak.


That is the name we are given and the name that will carry this saga into another trilogy.

Personally I love the name. It has so many meanings and brings hope to this new set of movies. Has the force been absent in recent times? Is there a new threat that forces the jedis into action once again? With the EU not bring official any longer, there is no telling where they are headed. The Force is back, meaning that the movies are finally back on the big screen, and we are all in for a hell of a treat.

Now, we still have to wait till next year to see the final product. With another year worth of leaks and official releases, I would expect to see Starwars coming back to your news feeds and time lines of all your social media.

What do you think about the name? What do you think Is the meaning behind it?


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