Call of Duty is back at it again. A review of Advanced Warfare


Call of Duty Is here once again, but this time they are bringing the fight to the future. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare begs the Question, What if a Private Military Company tried to take over the world? Find the answer by playing through this brilliant campaign mode.

This game also features a Multiplayer Experience unlike anything you’ve experienced in a CoD Title before, but that’s comes with good and bad.

–The Good is that with the Exo Ablities there’s no where for campers to sit and choke hold the map.


–Then bad is that the Exo’s also give you the feeling of never being safe. there’s always a chance that someone is going to jump up to where you are, leaving you with a feeling that you are never safe.

Don’t have Internet? Have internet that sucks? CoD gives you the Option to play all game types with computer Bots. And as if you can ask for more Seldgehammer Games brings back a survival mode from MW3 that was already good and expanded on it to make it great.

Call of Duty:Advanced Warefare is a great addition to this powerhouse of games. Not the best in the series but easily not the worst.

For a full review of this game you can Click below to watch Wak Reviews: CoD:AW.


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