Day 2 at Wizard World Tulsa! Cosplay… cosplay everywhere!

Today we spent our time out with the people! We love just taking some time to sit back and admire all the work people put into these amazing costumes. There was everything from beginners to pros walking around! It was truly inspiring to see all the fantastic costumes that were there. 


It was not entirely one sided on any certain fandom either. There was everything from Starwars to comics. The endless amount of people kept us quite busy for most the day. Make sure to flip through the huge gallery we have below and enjoy some of them yourself! We were talking with a ton of you and feel free to leave a comment below, letting us know who you were!

But, just because we did all that does not mean that we did not take the time to go and explore the convention and see what they had to offer. We stepped into a few panels and just soaked in some of the awesome information that the presents were offering. There were numerous Q and A’s that we saw for a small period of time and don’t forget the awesome cosplay contest that some of you were entered into no doubt!

The exhibitorsDSC_3053 floor was awesome to walk through. There was a little bit of everything and even some items that I had never seen before. The amount of craftsmanship and art that we saw was astounding. I even picked me up a couple of pop dolls to get me closer to completing my Assassins Creed collection! (As you can see on the left)


And finally there was the celebs! The people that many of us have dreamed of meeting but never had the chance to. Today there was more than enough time for everyone to go by and say hello, pick up an autograph, or even get a photo op! We will be talking with a few tomorrow and we will bring you those interviews as soon as possible! Who were you guys most excited about seeing?

To us, this was a big step for Tulsa. We brought a major comic con to town, and we sold it out! We made sure to show them that we can handle having the stars come to town. I love the smaller, more home grown, cons as much as the next guy but sometimes it is nice to enjoy the spectacle of something this massive. We will see them back in the years to come, I am sure of that! Enjoy the gallery below and make sure to find us on facebook at the link below!



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2 responses to “Day 2 at Wizard World Tulsa! Cosplay… cosplay everywhere!

  1. I was little red riding hood with the blue hair! (aka: Miku Hatsune from vocaloid in clover club costume!) Thank you for the great pictures!

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