Unity within the Assassins Creed universe

Last week we saw the addition of two new games in the Assassins Creed series. To those of us who love this history and gaming equally, this series has been nothing short of a god send. Some of them have been better than others but they seem to add something new every time! This round of AC brought us a new experience all together. Let’s dig in!



This time around we have been brought to the French revolution. While this one is not as tied to the actual revolution as AC3 was, it is very apparent that you are dealing with war. The streets are filled with protesters and the guards/army are not up for taking any crap.

One of the main complaints that I always heard from friends and online was that the game was too easy. Well, they heard you and fixed that problem. While you used to be able to easily take on massive number of guards, not so much anymore. The guards are smarter, faster, and without the auto kill, counter button, fighting large groups is not so easy. But, we are not here to review the game. That will be coming later on this week! Let’s get into the things that make this, in my opinion, the best of the series.

56898f84b835082325f3a05708a38a93 First, is Arno. He is not the lifelong assassin, such as Altair. He is not the rich playboy turned assassin, like Ezio. Nor is he the completely unaware Conner. Arno is an assassin all his own. His grace and style alone make him a stand out to this game. His dichotomy in the story only adds to the draw of this new character.

Next is the online aspect of the game. While in the past we had the hide and seek on crack game play, this time around it was a little different. They have done away with the PvP of the old games and instead, replaced it with a co-op mission system. There are many different missions and if you get bored with that, nothing stops you from just free roaming the city of Paris with your friends. It makes the game just that much more deep, and adds an aspect of the game that we have never been able to do before. Getting to coordinate attacks and plan out assaults allows us to act like we are actually in a brotherhood. This, to me, is what sets this out and makes it the best of the series. Assassins-Creed-Unity

A few things that deserve mention is the customization that this game allows. Being able to choose everything about your assassin, down to the colors he wears is amazing. The choices in Weapons is almost never ending, the combination of equipment is perfect for allowing you to be the type of assassin you want to be. This is yet another awesome addition to the series.

And if there is not enough in this game for you, make sure to download the app for your mobile device. There are endless puzzles and nomad missions to do. This ties back into the main game and just allows you the chance to feel even more in charge of your brotherhood!

Overall, this game is terrific. While I have read that people are talking about the glitches and bugs (that I personally experienced very little of) these are far and few between. Those small blemishes are not something that you should let stop you from playing the game. Ubisoft has been on top of things and is fixing them as fast as they can. So, what are you waiting for? Go buy the game and get to it! 




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