A talk with Tulsa’s Twilight Cosplay!

Being based in Tulsa ourselves; it was an awesome opportunity to get to talk with Twilight Cosplay who is also from T-town. She is a growing cosplayer that, as she says, never got over her love of dress up.  Make sure to always keep a look out for her fantastic cosplays. You never know where she will pop up at! But let’s get down to it!10629624_556111971188906_5658027650605315294_n


  1. We loved you steampunk Poison Ivy last weekend at Wizard World Tulsa Comic Con. But we want to know who your favorite bad guy from the comic world is? (see on the right —> )

Favorite comic book bad guy would have to be Magneto from X-Men. There’s just something about good guys gone bad. Plus, I love his back story.


  1. What made you want to get into cosplay and start your page?

I’ve loved dressing up from a very young age, and I’ve always been really nerdy. When I was about fifteen, I went to my first convention. I’d heard about cosplay before, and I was really interested in trying it out, so I did. Here we are almost eight years later, and I still love it.


  1. What is your guilty pleasure when it comes to food? We all have that one meal that we love but know we shouldn’t eat.

Guilty pleasure, food wise, would have to be pastries and sour candy. So good.


  1. What kind of loot did you walk away from with this convention?

I actually didn’t get much this convention, because everything was so expensive and I was on a budget. But I did walk away with an autographed photo of Scott Wilson!


  1. What are your plans for 2015, any new cosplays or major projects coming?

So far, I’ve got three cons planned for sure for 2015. I’m currently working on a faun cosplay (major undertaking), as well as a White Rabbit cosplay for an original Alice in Wonderland group and a secret cosplay!


Make sure to click here and follow her on Facebook. There you can see all the fun costumes and conventions that she goes to, not to mention more pictures from past cosplays as well. Enjoy this small gallery below! Once you’re done enjoying these though, make sure to click here and follow us as well! Until next time guys!

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