Will we see Gwen in the Amazing Spider-Man 3 Or possibly someone else…


I know what you’re thinking right now. She died didn’t she? And the answer would be yes, yes she did. Then why is the rumor of Gwen making a return in ASM3 coming around All the sudden? Well for that, we need a history lesson.


I’m the comics, Gwen had a professor that was in love with her and when she died, he decided that making a clone of her was a good idea.

Well, as expected, things go wrong. Clone problems and the creepy professor becomes the Jackal. Like this wasn’t a weird enough story line…

There is an interview of Emma Stone, done by cinema blend, (can see our source here) kind of alluding to her return in the trilogy. Take that for what it is and move on.

Here is the bottom line, I believe this is a huge mistake. Death of loved ones is something that has molded Peter into the “Amazing” hero that he is. Most people (non-comic fans anyways) didn’t even know who she was, but the connection was real and the audience felt that. That means the pain felt real to. Don’t pull the comic book trick and bring her back that fast. Let the pain shape Parker and make him better. Show him working through it and meeting Mary Jane. That is the better way to go if you ask me.

And on top of the reason above, I think we will see a different surprise appearance. The entire trilogy has been about his parents and the secrets that he is uncovering. Who were they? What happened? Well, we all assume that the Chameleon will be in the “sinister six”, Thanks to the end credits of ASM2. If that’s the case. What better way to bring his parents into the third but run the story line where Chameleon “brings them back”. What other reason do you use a character like him? It is perfect, if you ask me.


But what do you think? Should Gwen make a come back so soon and if so will it be the Jackal that does it? What about Peters parents? Let us know in the comments below!

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