Assassin’s Creed Unity in depth, Full Review (Spoilers Inside)

Written by Native Gamer



Unity is the eighth full Assassin’s Creed game released on console (excluding Freedom Cry and Liberation) and the first to be released on the current generation of consoles. The main story centers around Arno Dorian, a child of an Assassin. When he was a young boy his father was killed and he is adopted by the Grand Master of the Templar order. In respect to Arno’s father he kept the fact that he is a Templar, and in fact the Assassins and Templars altogether, secret from Arno.

 When his adoptive father is killed and Arno is arrested for his murder, and he meets Master Assassin Pierre Bellec. Bellec trains Arno in the use of the sword and the two escape. Afterwards Bellec tells Arno to seek the Assassins out. After a brief run in with his adoptive sister, who was also his lover, who blamed him for her father’s death, Arno leaves for Paris and joins the Assassins. For the rest of the game Arno seeks retribution, hunting his way up the Templar ranks with near reckless abandon, which earns him the ire of the council.Arno_and_Elise_-_Unity_Promotional_Art

 Eventually Arno reconciles with Elise, but just after he does so the mentor of the French Assassins is killed in such a manner that heavily implicates Elise. Not believing she would do this, he tracks down all the clues and discovers his true killer, his teacher Bellec. Bellec believe any truce with a Templar treason of the highest order, and decided that the council needed to be cleansed. But After defeating and killing Bellec Arno losses favor with the council, eventually leading to him being dispelled from the Order, and Elise.

Arno Returns to Versailles and becomes a drunk, having lost both his cause and his love. Though Elise shortly comes and brings Arno out of his self imposed exile he decides he must first assassinate Le Touche who had control over Versailles.

Afterwards they both return to Paris and finish the hunt for the Templar Grand Master behind the death of Elise’s father. Eventually cornering him in the temple of De Molay a former Grand Master of the Templar order. Arno and Elise team up to take him down and they do, and take the sword of Eden, but at the cost of Elise’s life. Distraught Arno takes her body and leaves. Years later, Arno Returns and puts the Grand Masters body in the catacombs.

The future story centers around you, after the Assassin’s recruit you to travel through Arno’s memories to discover when he met a sage and where his body was. Eventually you end up traveling through rifts to avoid detection from the templars which are time anomalies, and gain the ability to do this at will to save trapped Assassins as a side quest.

The gameplay is similar to previous games with obvious improvements:

The free running mechanic has been enhanced to include the ability to go quickly up or down buildings in a smoother fashion than before.

The fighting mechanic has been revamped, making the game a lot more difficult in this area, the parry system has been improved to include timing on when you hit it to how effective it is, and the smoke bomb is no longer overpowered. You will not mow through enemies in this game like previous games.

Money is no longer as easy to come by as in previous titles, thus making getting the best equipment feel like an actual accomplishment, and upgrading it has been delegated to earning points through tasks in the game, these points being known as Creed Points. These creed points also can be spent to buy new colors for your outfits as well.

They have also added almost a rpg element to the game with the new skills function. This allowed you to buy new abilities through the use of points gained in story missions and in Co Op missions.

This brings us to the biggest new feature of the game, Co Op. This is online Co Op that is integrated into the main game. This ability can be used to just explore the city with your friends or to take on missions with your friends or others online. The missions are all re-playable and are split between mission and heist. Missions offer rewards and skill points whereas heists offer money.HEADER_ACU_exp_trailer_2_175512


The Game is overall an improvement gameplay wise, even with the minor glitch. Half of which were fixed with the first patch. The main issue still persisting is with Co Op, though it was a big focus of the campaign.


 To this I give this game a 9/10 on the provision that it will be a 10/10 when the Co Op is fixed.

 What are your opinions on this game? Tell us below.


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