Trailers that brought back my childhood

This week has been pure awesome for me. There are a few movies that I just can’t watch without thinking back to my childhood and getting the feels deep inside. This week, I got to see two of the major ones come back and I could not be more giddy.


Early this week we got the trailer to Jurassic World! The original Jurassic Park movie was great. Getting to see dinosaurs and people walk side by side and watching those giant beasts rip up the big screen, was something I’ll never stop loving. The new movie looks to take the franchise where we all hoped it would go. The park is open, we treat them like zoo animals, and things go crazy. Perfect.


Chris Pratt is taking the lead on this and after watching him In Guardians of the Galaxy, I’m really hoping he brings that same level of funny/action to a movie that holds a special place with me.

If you haven’t seen the trailer before, make sure to click the link below and enjoy!

[[click here]]


Now let’s move on to the movie that has arguably the biggest following of any franchise ever. Starwars is back and the teaser trailer finally made it’s way to the light. After dealing with the endless assault of fake trailers, rick rolls, and just trolls in general, it is finally here!

And we got everything we needed! The storm troopers are back and look like they mean business, the Force Awakens was not talking about the Jedi’s, and the Millennium falcon is still awesome!

There will be plenty of fanboys that will find tiny areas to nit pick but not this one. This fanboy is more than happy with what I saw. The empire is down but not out! Look for this to be a major theme through the first movie. The empire rebuilding and this new Sith/Bad guy coming to power and rallying what is left.

If you didn’t get to catch this one yet, make sure to click the link below!!

[[click here]]

Which movie are you looking forward too more? Are you like me and wouldn’t miss either of these for anything? Let is know in the comments below!!


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