Will the HellBlazer get a second season?

Written by Native Gamer

10787871_734659369944769_1354351686_aConstantine, a brand new DC show on NBC based on the Vertigo title “Hellblazer”, stars Matt Ryan (Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag) as ‘John Constantine’ con man, exorcist, and master of the dark arts. Unlike the other DC shows that are big right now, this one focuses on the supernatural, and unlike the film that came out of the same name it sticks at lot closer to the source material. The show is still on it’s first season and it’s been halted at 13 episodes, and no decision has been made as to the shows future yet. The Following are my reasons why Constantine should be saved and not thrown out just yet.
Firstly, the show has great implications on the live action TV universe by introducing the1401230067.01.LZZZZZZZ
mystical. This gives so much more depth and lore for them to work with, including characters
like Zatanna, Doctor Fate, the Phantom Stranger and many many more.

Secondly, the show does indeed stick very closely to the comics that inspire it. Not that the
other shows deviate too drastically either but this one has done scenes that feel pulled directly
from panel. This is good for enthusiasts who loved the comics, but also could lead to people
that look more into the deep lore. If nothing else this gives them a long and deep library of
stories to pull from.

Thirdly, The show is much darker, this I bring up in a counter to the people that say that Arrow
and Flash feel like kids shows. I disagree, but there is no way you could confuse this show
with a children’s show.

Lastly, the show is just good. The acting, the writing, the directing, it’s all on point in a glorious
combination that isn’t often matched on American television. Matt Ryan especially shines as
the titular character, his ability really shows and each new episode makes it even more
apparent that this was a role he was born for.

If i can make any plea to people it would be this, please give this show a chance. My plea to
NBC is this, please don’t give up on the show. I truly feel like this show Being Cancelled this soon would be a bigger travesty than when ‘Firefly’ was cancelled.
What are your thoughts? Tell us below


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