Song inspired by JDF/Green Ranger by Primisis makes a splash

Primisis19993I’m sure that many of you , like me, were just looking through your social media when you saw an interesting sounding song on Jason David Franks page. It was called “Morphin Out” by Primisis and I am sure I was not the only one who had yet to hear of this upcoming rap artist. So being the curious type that I am, I needed to know more. Looking around on his web site (that you can find by clicking here) I found that he is a man driven by his art, his faith, and his love for the Power Rangers.

His new EP is called Forever Green and has even more references to the Power Rangers, and more specifically, Tommy the original Green Ranger. After becoming an ambassador for TeamJDF they got in touch with Jason David Frank’s team. This lead to him releasing it on social media and right back to where this story began.

Like anything on the internet, the reaction was mixed  but personally, I loved it. It was fun, took me back to my childhood, and had a great message behind it. Even if you do not agree with his faith, you can not hate the great message of a second chance that is laced into this song.

Make sure to check out his website to find more and read the full interview and find out which comic book character is Justin’s (aka Primisis) favorite. The links to the song are also below if you have yet to hear it! Enjoy!


1. Did you contact Jason David Frank or Saban about using the Green Ranger stuff in your promos or was it just something he happened to see. He is promoting it on his social media.

We actually made connections with JDF through social media, after my Team & I became officially announced as TeamJDF Ambassador’s for him here in NC.   We then were able to get in touch with, who I assume is his PR/Manager. Because at the time, JDF had already heard the 15sec video clip we had posted on Instagram & he commented on it, asking to send him music, because he wanted to hear more, so we just took action.  We’ve had the Green Ranger suit since back in like, June or July.  Courtesy of Aniki Cosplay by the way. haha!  Aniki is a super dope dude! Grateful for him.  He believes in the project we’re working on, and the mission behind it, plus he just does AMAZING work, for those of ya’ll who don’t know him, but have probably seen a TON of other cosplayers rockin’ his Ranger/Sentai gear.  But yeah, we had no idea that JDF & I would be connecting back when this all first started.  haha! When the idea’s to do a project themed around the Green Ranger’s character hit us, it was something powerful we felt that would help impact peoples lives & encourage them in a unique & fun way.  The story behind it all is actually pretty deep, but is super awesome!! And obviously, using music to help do those things, is part of what we over here at #TeamNUTSO do.  We’re truly honored & grateful for JDF & his family & Team supporting us & believing in us.  Looking forward to the future together.

2. What has the reaction been since he released it for you across Facebook and Twitter?

[Laughs] Well…It’s been interesting.  I knew that once JDF posted the record on social media, it was going to take flight and be on a whole different level. With that said, anytime your music, or art, gets put on display in front of that many people (online especially), there are always going to be different forms of feedback.  But for the most part, it was a great response from people I think.  Might end up being a future JDF “MMA” Entrance Theme Song [Laughs].  Or possibly on the upcoming soundtrack for the MMPR: The Movie Reboot.  Who knows!? [Laughs] But what “Morphin’ Out” was, is literally just the beginning.  The Forever Green EP is full of stuff.  And it’s coming!

3. What made you want to use the power rangers for sampling in the new track?

Man, we just wanted people to hear this first single and get the same feeling I got when Netflix re-introduced the MMPR series; nostalgia. [Laughs] Funny story.  I’ve just always, growing up as kid in the 90’s, just wanted to be in a Green Ranger suit.[Laughs] Early last year, as Netflix had brought series back out, and as I began to watch it, that sense of nostalgia had crept in, right?!  Like, yo, this was my childhood! I started watching it from Ep. 1, and by the time it had made it through the Green Ranger Saga, I got something out it that I never got from it in my years as a kid.  We all know that Tommy Oliver, the original Green/White Ranger, was/is, without a doubt, the most popular ranger.  Probably of all time!  And I began wondering like, why is that!? What made Tommy’s character (other than the cool power shield & his own Zord) connect with people like that?  And as I ventured into my life story, and just people or humanity in general, we can clearly see that we all have moments of brokenness.  And when we look at Tommy’s (JDF) character, we see someone who was captured by an evil entity (Rita), blinded by a spell of darkness, caused destruction & cared nothing, but for himself.  But as the other Rangers were able to brake the spell, Tommy (JDF), found himself in the sand; broken, wounded & full of regret.  He apologized to the other Rangers for what he had done to them, Zordon, and just other people.  The Rangers then picked him out of the sand, told him not to worry about it, and that he was on the right team now.  And fighting for a cause bigger than himself.  They didn’t make him have to go through any training, or classes, or etc., they just picked him up, loved on him right there & they Morphed Out!!  And when I look at my faith in Jesus, that’s the same thing I’ve experienced.  Except this isn’t a “fictional” story.  It’s definitely real.  I didn’t grow up a “church kid” or any of that, so my story is definitely different.  So I may, visually, be pretty much the same person I’ve always been, but my heart has changed.  And that’s whats I draw from to help those around me in my city & beyond.  We just want to encourage people to be Morphin’ Out!!


4. So we know you like the power rangers, but who is your favorite super hero?

Outside of Green/White Ranger, I’d say Wolverine.  He’s just a beast! I just want to see a movie of him in the yellow & black suit.  Marvel please do that please.  At least once! [Laughs]


Let’s have a conversation about Benedict Cumberbatch and Doctor Strange.

ICYMI, Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Star Trek Into Darkness, and the Hobbit) was
cast as Marvel’s ‘Sorcerer Supreme’ in the upcoming solo movie. While this has made most of
his fans jump up and down for joy I just want to explain why I think this wasn’t the best option.

I want to start by saying I do love him as Sherlock, and I didn’t hate him as Khan. But I don’t
feel like he can pull off Dr. Strange. Not to say he can’t, but neither role prepares him for this
particular character, and I fear that he will end up playing it too much like Sherlock. Which
frankly is a disservice to a wonderful character.

But more importantly, I feel like he is too well loved by his fans for this kind of role. He is
someone that isn’t going to be seen as the role, but himself. This is already happening, and
again this is a disservice to an amazing character. One of the reason that Marvel has done
well is that they have taken relatively unknown actors that are really good and placed them in
iconic roles, this breaks that mold. I sincerely hope his fans can look past him and at the role,
but already it’s looking like most of them won’t. I guess time will tell.

Again, I am a fan of his to an extent, and I love Doctor Strange, this is simply my viewpoint on
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Arrow ‘The Climb’ Review and Thoughts!

Written By Native Gamer

arrow-season-3-logo-111246This was the Mid season finale of the third season of the hit show ‘Arrow’ and it continues to deliver very action packed and very emotional television.

We got to see the Atom suit in more detail, and we got a harrowing explanation of why Palmer wants to build it. Man, can anyone in this city escape tragedy? We also see why Palmer wanted felicity around, which officially makes her sidekick #1 of DCTVU because so many heroes want to work with her.

We also see more of young Ollie, learning to torture and interrogate more, while getting more info on the plan of China White and developments that affect the present.

On top of all that we finally find out who killed Sara, though it was through mind control proxy. Malcolm killed Sara by drugging Thea, therefore forcing Oliver to tell Ras, the Demons Head, that he killed Sara.

Laurel also has her own battles, albeit internal battles, to deal with as the hiding of Sara’s death becomes harder to do. Her mother shows up and knew almost immediately, and tasks her other daughter to seek vengeance. (Unrelated note: River Song anyone? Spoilers)

Oliver turns himself over to the League of Assassins, to a surprised Nyssa. But Oliver also has his own surprise in dealing with the League. His former handle, from the flashbacks, has joined the league after the apparent death of hours wife, he is obviously emotionally conflicted sentencing his friend to death, but remained steadfast in his devotion to the League.

This gave us a perfect opportunity to be reminded that Oliver is both a trained killer, and someone who would do anything for family. Olliity fan also get a scene where Oliver tells Felicity he loves her, before heading to his duel with the Demon.


The fight scene was amazing, as always Arrow has the best fight scenes, and showed how dangerous the Demon really is, but shows how dangerous Oliver is. The latter can be difficult to remember sometimes as he seems to always be a step ahead of his enemies, and this time he is thoroughly defeated.

The surprise of course was him getting impaled on the sword, but of course this isn’t the end for Oliver. The most likely scenario going forward is that Ras, or someone else saves Oliver from death (One explanation is to bring the Lazarus pit into play of course). As he is healing and doing whatever he needs to do, Roy, Ray, and Laurel will pick up the slack back home, either believing he is dead or until he returns. When he comes back, Oliver will assume leadership of everyone except maybe Ray Palmer at first, who may have an ego issue. I doubt that Malcolm is done, or that we’ve seen the last off the League, but that will all have to wait until next year.

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Flash mid-season finale! The man in the yellow suit, our thoughts

Written by Native Gamer



This was the mid season finale of the Flash, and it did not disappoint. We finally get to see the reverse flash, and we learn who he is. This episode was jam packed with stuff so we will just take it piece by piece.


Firestorm and Caitlin, this story line really has me intrigued. Caitlin is getting more development, that hints at an interesting future, and we got to see Firestorm in action a bit.


Barry, Iris, and Eddie, this love triangle finally became official. Eddie notices how Barry feels, and Barry finally confessed his real feelings to Iris. This could have major implications down the road, possibly leading into several different arcs they can pull from the comics. Cobalt Blue maybe, or a Hunter Zolomon Esque ‘Professor Zoom’?


Barry and Detective West, this may not seem like a huge moment at first but hear me out. That speech West gave Barry (almost had me in tears but irrelevant) will be important as the Reverse Flash Arc. Barry will be doubting himself and that light will be what gives him the push he needs to ramp up his speed.



Finally of course, Barry and the Reverse Flash. The confrontation, and reveal they’ve been teasing since episode one. Barry is overcome with anger, understandably, and gets his butt handed to him by the enigmatic ‘Man in The Yellow Suit’ throughout the episode. So much of Barry’s side was coming to grips with what he feels and realizing he isn’t where he needs to be.

But this isn’t the only interesting things about this confrontation, for one they teased time travel in the reveal, which I will get to shortly, and that Barry will eventually travel to the moment of his mother’s murder. Does this later mean we might get a Flashpoint tv story line? Possible but not at least until season 2. Also, given the reveal, why did Reverse Flash leave Eddie unharmed?


Now the big reveal, Dr. Harrison Wells has the Reverse Flash suit in his super secret futuristic room, and spoke with the voice he used during the episode in the post show scene. So now we know that he is indeed Reverse Flash, but is he the past version or the future version of the main one from the episode? Or was he a different Reverse Flash altogether? There have been 3 versions of the character and of the three, two heavily involved time travel, and time travel has been confirmed for the show. So either is a possibility. My personal feeling is that Wells is the future version.


But What does that mean for the gang? What does that mean for the rest of the season? I feel like they will discover Wells true identity by the end of this season, whatever the final answer may be. But what does that mean for star labs, and team flash? They will probably continuing operating together, minus maybe a character or two, but this team and Star Labs is too important to completely write off the show. I also think that we will start to see Eddie and Barry become closer so when everything comes to light it will be an even bigger fallout. Also, did you catch that Barry is getting a new suit, in the next time trailer? What do you think that will entail?


My main question for everyone is This though. When is Barry getting his own Flash ring?


What were your thoughts on the episode? Let us know below, and you can check us out on Facebook by clicking here.

Fun times with Katie Fleming Cosplay!


This week we got the chance to talk with the lovely Katie Fleming Cosplay. She is a lover of all things creative and a self proclaimed dork! Well, she is in good company here! Between making cosplays and playing video games she found time for us and we had a blast asking her these 5 quick questions!
Make sure to enjoy the gallery at the bottom and find more of her awesome creations and happenings at the link at the bottom!


1. Which do you like more sci-fi or fantasy?

Urmmm …Both??? I seriously am in love &  fascinated my both! But if I had to pick one, I would say Fantasy. I am more drawn to it especially when it comes to cosplaying! Don’t get me wrong, as a child, I would watch Star Trek with my Brother and Battlestar Galactica is sorta a new found love AND I am currently on frolicking in the world of “Destiny,” But I have always been intrigued by the idea of magic and mythical creatures. World of Warcraft is a favorite. I love fighting dragons in Skyrim, I want to LIVE in wonderland…….. and sometimes I pretend that I am a fairy 🙂

2. Which car would you pick if you could have your choice of any car?

A Mario Cart?? Does that count??? The one designed like a baby carriage 😀 But I suppose if I had to pick a real life existing car….An Aqua Mini Cooper because I like stand out, funky and awkward looking things.

3. PlayStation 4, Xbox one, or WiiU?

PC and Xbox One. 🙂

4. What is your favorite convention you have ever attended?

0_0 This is a difficult question because all of them are pretty awesome and have their own unique things. But I would have to say MAGFest in DC. I am more familiar and enjoy the video game world. So  a Video Game focused convention where you can play games 24/7 for 4 days straight is hard to top in my book.

5. Any big plans for 2015?

I think the biggest thing is that I am going to TRY to make it out for Denver Comic Con! This is a pretty big deal for me being that I live on the East Coast and have not had the opportunity to visit any cons beyond the East Coast yet. Luckily my brother lives out there so that is an even better excuse to go!




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DC just can’t win or maybe they just did

For the past week I’ve been sitting and trying to decide what to write about all the DC news that’s been coming out. There was the casting release for Suicide Squad and just more and more about the actors that are involved. My first reaction to the casting list was not good by any means. I love some of the actors involved but I’m not sure about all of them lining up in the same movie to play the rag tag  team of villains. I was done with DC. I had all but just folded in the idea of DCCU ever getting off the ground, but then I got to thinking.


While I’m not sure that all these A list actors are going to pan out well for one movie, they have set up the greatest set of bad guys ever. You have A listers playing most, if not all, of the great bad guys. Will Smith playing Deadshot, Jared Leto as the Joker, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex, and the Rock as the Black Adam (and that’s only 4 of them). They will not have a hard time bringing in a heavy hitting bad guy for a majority of the movies they have set to come. This move may be pure genius. It was one of the great things in the MCU. One tiny glimpse of Thanos made phase 2 more exciting and then they threw him into Guardians of the Galaxy which only made that movie just that much better.

A singular great villain can build something much bigger and they have a while lot more than one great bad guy. Now they just have to develop a storyline to match it all.

With the future of the DCCU is now set on the evil side of things, the heroes are set to be the underdogs. Just like any story, your good guys are only as good as the heroes that have to over come them. This series seems like it will be darker and grittier than the Marvel movies we have all come to love, and I think that’s a great direction to go in. Lets see the DC universe bring these awesome characters to life. I may not be sold completely but things are definitely starting to look up in my opinion.

What are your thoughts? Do you have hope for the DCCU and this line up? Or even as a fan are you starting to doubt? Let us know in the comments below!

Top Ten Games from the PlayStation to the PS3 Plus free games!

Written by Native Gamer

In honor of the twenty year anniversary that PlayStation just celebrated I thought i would do a
personal top ten list of my favorite games from their first 3 consoles.

Other big news includes the announcement of the anniversary edition PlayStation 4, colored
like the original PlayStation and with the PlayStation camera.
(see below)


Also EA is giving three games away on the PlayStation Market for free until the end of tonight! The games are:

PS4: Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare

PS3: Mirrors Edge

PS Vita: Need For Speed Most Wanted

Make sure to go grab these games before they are gone. Now on to my lists.
(Note: the lists are the opinion of the writer)



1. Metal Gear Solid
2. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
3. Legend of Dragoon
4. Soul Reaver
5. Chrono Trigger
6. Spyro the Dragon
7. Crash Bandicoot
8. Persona 2
9. Silent Hill
10. Final Fantasy 7

PlayStation 2


1. Fatal Frame
2. Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater
3. Devil May Cry 3
4. Final Fantasy X
5. God of War
6. Silent Hill 2
7. Shadow of the Collosus
8. Persona 4
9. Jak & Daxter The Precursor Legend
10. Bully

PlayStation 3


1. Assassins Creed 3
2. Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
3. Batman Arkham City
4. Mirrors Edge
5. Uncharted 3
6. Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of The Patriots
7. Fallout 3
8. Red Dead Redemption
9. Bioshock
10. Heavy Rain

What were your favorite PlayStation games throughout the years? Let us know below, and
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