A new Nerd Wife review! Big Hero 6!

written by: Glyconerd (www.facebook.com/glyconerd)

Big Hero 6: Come One Come All!



I wanted to take my kids to see this movie opening weekend but secretly, I was the one that wanted to see it most. BH61Animated movies are no longer just for children and I think it’s awesome. This movie is a MUST see! I loved it. The beginning is a little sad but it sets the whole movie up. It’s about Hiro, the main character/teenage brother of Tadashi. Hiro wasn’t really into the idea of going to college like his brother and Tadashi tried to show him the joy and achievements of being something greater. Tadashi was in the process of creating a personal robot nurse as a school project that can diagnose various ailments and injuries; he called him Baymax. This persuaded Hiro to try and get into this prestigious school via a science fair by creating something called microbot; basically tiny robots that you can control with your mind and do almost anything. The microbots are also are extremely attracted to one another, much like an ionic bond for all you science buffs out there. I will not ruin the story but some stuff goes down and the microbots are gone for good.


BH63The awesome thing about Baymax is he is just so freakin lovable and cute! Everything from his large marshmallow figure to his need to help just gives you all the warm fuzzies and you just want to snatch him up and have one of your own! This drive to help led Baymax to help Hiro find more microbots that were being manufactured in an old warehouse somewhere in the city. Of course, this gets them in a bit of trouble… You know, giant robot walking through the city with a teenage boy trying to catch up and then they get caught by the guy who stole the microbot design. This is when Baymax gets some much needed/super awesome upgrades! Although don’t worry he is still quite the goober. The rest of the story, as you can imagine is fighting the bad guy to save the world with a touch of heart wrench at the end.

Moral of this review is, it doesn’t matter if you have kids, go see the movie. Take your girlfriend.. Don’t have one? No problem, take your sister/brothers kids! Don’t have those either? You don’t need’em.  Just drag yourself to the theatre and make sure to come back and tell me thank you! This movie is awesome and the sequel that they set up is going to be great as well. I love this movie more than any animated movie I’ve seen in a while. Baymax for the win!

Overall rating: 10 out of 10!! There was nothing more than could have added to this movie to make it any better!


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