The Flash vs Arrow part 1 (The Flash) Review and thoughts


(As spoiler free as possible)

Written by Native Gamer

Tonight was the first part of the 2 hour cross over event, the first half and what we will be talking about today, took part on The Flash.

This episode involved The Arrow (Stephen Amell) and his team going to Central City to ask
The Flash (Grant Gustin) and his team for help identifying a special boomerang that was used
in a murder, and getting caught up in Team Flash’s hunt for a Metahuman that can induce
uncontrollable anger in others through eye contact.

This episode did a lot of things right, both as a crossover and as an episode of the growing
DC television universe. The writing was interesting, and deep, plus the acting was all
performed perfectly. If I had one complaint it’s that the ‘villain’ served no purpose to the story
other than to infect The Flash and cause a fight between the two heroes, other than that the
character had no development in the story.
But the Arrow/Flash scenes were brilliant. The dynamic between the veteran vigilante and the
upstart Flash were executed nicely, showing the Flash’s fanboy tendencies, while Arrow
served as mentor and giver of hard truths to the younger hero.


This episode did feature Some cool training scenes and dialogue between the two heroes, but
of course the coolest part of the episode the fight scene. It was excellently
executed and choreographed, and perfectly displayed the differences in style and experience.
A truly gratifying precursor to the television version of the Justice League.

There were other plot lines, and details, that was present in the episode that I am not touching
on in this episode, mainly because I want you to take the time to watch the DC television
universe that they are building. While DC doesn’t have my faith in the movies, this
separate television universe continues to impress.

I give this episode a 9/10 a great start to the on screen justice league that they seem to be
building. Make sure to check back for our thoughts on the second part to this great crossover

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