Deadpool fans can rejoice!


Go a head and wave back because this anti-hero’s movie is moving forward. One of the only things holding them back was who would play the merc with a mouth in his truest of forms. Well today we got this as an answer:


Ryan Reynolds posted this on his Twitter and set the comic book nerd, me included, into a frenzy!

He will be returning to to play the role of Wade Wilson that he started in Wolverine Origins. There were some people who had hoped for a different actor to take the role and thus, rebooting the entire character. Today we know this is not the case.

There were some terrible things added to this character but after the amazing spark some test footage got online, there was no way they could not move back into this property. I’m sure they will for some of those horrible mistakes and take it back a little. This will be the Deadpool we all know and love.

And….If you are expecting a R rated movie still, don’t be. This movie will be pg-13 due to one major fact. The money is in the youth audience and they won’t be able to go if it is true Deadpool gore. It will still be violent and explosive but they can do that without all the other stuff. So sit back, enjoy, and watch Fox actually win big with a movie!

Are you excited? Let us know!


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