The Flash and Arrow part 2!

Written by Native Gamer


Tonight we saw the second half of the Arrow and Flash crossover. This part taking place on
Arrow and in Starling City, and while it is in a way a continuation of what happened in the
Flash, the tones are very different and I don’t think you’d need to watch the Flash to follow
what’s happening.

This episode features a much darker tone, dealing with the theme of different moralities
between the two main heroes, as they team up to take down Captain Boomerang. The Flash
being the boy scout, similar to SuperMan, with Arrow having a much darker view on justice. This parallel can even be seen in the tones used in the cities themselves, with a more muted
and subdued color for Starling.

The episode was just as good as the previous episode though, with a slight edge going to
Arrow in my opinion, only because I think the Choreography was better in Arrow, and the
Diggle and Cisco scenes were amazing. The directing was spot on, the acting was amazing,
with a special nod to Amell for the emotional range he displayed. But i feel like the music was
probably better utilized in the Flash.

The main things that we should really take away from this episode is this though, justice isn’t
a simple black and white thing, and CW is truly building a small justice league team in their
universe. From some scenes at the end we can expect more physical team ups in the future,
but we will probably see many soft team ups, Cisco building tech for them, felicity giving
computer upgrades and Palmer doing the same when he suits up. This all makes me, an
admitted Marvel Fanboy over DC, very excited. I can’t wait to see where this new universe
takes us. I for one think it is good that they are keeping it all separate from the movies.

But what were your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below and check us out on social



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