DC just can’t win or maybe they just did

For the past week I’ve been sitting and trying to decide what to write about all the DC news that’s been coming out. There was the casting release for Suicide Squad and just more and more about the actors that are involved. My first reaction to the casting list was not good by any means. I love some of the actors involved but I’m not sure about all of them lining up in the same movie to play the rag tag  team of villains. I was done with DC. I had all but just folded in the idea of DCCU ever getting off the ground, but then I got to thinking.


While I’m not sure that all these A list actors are going to pan out well for one movie, they have set up the greatest set of bad guys ever. You have A listers playing most, if not all, of the great bad guys. Will Smith playing Deadshot, Jared Leto as the Joker, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex, and the Rock as the Black Adam (and that’s only 4 of them). They will not have a hard time bringing in a heavy hitting bad guy for a majority of the movies they have set to come. This move may be pure genius. It was one of the great things in the MCU. One tiny glimpse of Thanos made phase 2 more exciting and then they threw him into Guardians of the Galaxy which only made that movie just that much better.

A singular great villain can build something much bigger and they have a while lot more than one great bad guy. Now they just have to develop a storyline to match it all.

With the future of the DCCU is now set on the evil side of things, the heroes are set to be the underdogs. Just like any story, your good guys are only as good as the heroes that have to over come them. This series seems like it will be darker and grittier than the Marvel movies we have all come to love, and I think that’s a great direction to go in. Lets see the DC universe bring these awesome characters to life. I may not be sold completely but things are definitely starting to look up in my opinion.

What are your thoughts? Do you have hope for the DCCU and this line up? Or even as a fan are you starting to doubt? Let us know in the comments below!


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