Arrow ‘The Climb’ Review and Thoughts!

Written By Native Gamer

arrow-season-3-logo-111246This was the Mid season finale of the third season of the hit show ‘Arrow’ and it continues to deliver very action packed and very emotional television.

We got to see the Atom suit in more detail, and we got a harrowing explanation of why Palmer wants to build it. Man, can anyone in this city escape tragedy? We also see why Palmer wanted felicity around, which officially makes her sidekick #1 of DCTVU because so many heroes want to work with her.

We also see more of young Ollie, learning to torture and interrogate more, while getting more info on the plan of China White and developments that affect the present.

On top of all that we finally find out who killed Sara, though it was through mind control proxy. Malcolm killed Sara by drugging Thea, therefore forcing Oliver to tell Ras, the Demons Head, that he killed Sara.

Laurel also has her own battles, albeit internal battles, to deal with as the hiding of Sara’s death becomes harder to do. Her mother shows up and knew almost immediately, and tasks her other daughter to seek vengeance. (Unrelated note: River Song anyone? Spoilers)

Oliver turns himself over to the League of Assassins, to a surprised Nyssa. But Oliver also has his own surprise in dealing with the League. His former handle, from the flashbacks, has joined the league after the apparent death of hours wife, he is obviously emotionally conflicted sentencing his friend to death, but remained steadfast in his devotion to the League.

This gave us a perfect opportunity to be reminded that Oliver is both a trained killer, and someone who would do anything for family. Olliity fan also get a scene where Oliver tells Felicity he loves her, before heading to his duel with the Demon.


The fight scene was amazing, as always Arrow has the best fight scenes, and showed how dangerous the Demon really is, but shows how dangerous Oliver is. The latter can be difficult to remember sometimes as he seems to always be a step ahead of his enemies, and this time he is thoroughly defeated.

The surprise of course was him getting impaled on the sword, but of course this isn’t the end for Oliver. The most likely scenario going forward is that Ras, or someone else saves Oliver from death (One explanation is to bring the Lazarus pit into play of course). As he is healing and doing whatever he needs to do, Roy, Ray, and Laurel will pick up the slack back home, either believing he is dead or until he returns. When he comes back, Oliver will assume leadership of everyone except maybe Ray Palmer at first, who may have an ego issue. I doubt that Malcolm is done, or that we’ve seen the last off the League, but that will all have to wait until next year.

What are your thoughts, and predictions for the last half of the season? Let us know below and don’t forget to like us on Facebook!


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