Flash mid-season finale! The man in the yellow suit, our thoughts

Written by Native Gamer



This was the mid season finale of the Flash, and it did not disappoint. We finally get to see the reverse flash, and we learn who he is. This episode was jam packed with stuff so we will just take it piece by piece.


Firestorm and Caitlin, this story line really has me intrigued. Caitlin is getting more development, that hints at an interesting future, and we got to see Firestorm in action a bit.


Barry, Iris, and Eddie, this love triangle finally became official. Eddie notices how Barry feels, and Barry finally confessed his real feelings to Iris. This could have major implications down the road, possibly leading into several different arcs they can pull from the comics. Cobalt Blue maybe, or a Hunter Zolomon Esque ‘Professor Zoom’?


Barry and Detective West, this may not seem like a huge moment at first but hear me out. That speech West gave Barry (almost had me in tears but irrelevant) will be important as the Reverse Flash Arc. Barry will be doubting himself and that light will be what gives him the push he needs to ramp up his speed.



Finally of course, Barry and the Reverse Flash. The confrontation, and reveal they’ve been teasing since episode one. Barry is overcome with anger, understandably, and gets his butt handed to him by the enigmatic ‘Man in The Yellow Suit’ throughout the episode. So much of Barry’s side was coming to grips with what he feels and realizing he isn’t where he needs to be.

But this isn’t the only interesting things about this confrontation, for one they teased time travel in the reveal, which I will get to shortly, and that Barry will eventually travel to the moment of his mother’s murder. Does this later mean we might get a Flashpoint tv story line? Possible but not at least until season 2. Also, given the reveal, why did Reverse Flash leave Eddie unharmed?


Now the big reveal, Dr. Harrison Wells has the Reverse Flash suit in his super secret futuristic room, and spoke with the voice he used during the episode in the post show scene. So now we know that he is indeed Reverse Flash, but is he the past version or the future version of the main one from the episode? Or was he a different Reverse Flash altogether? There have been 3 versions of the character and of the three, two heavily involved time travel, and time travel has been confirmed for the show. So either is a possibility. My personal feeling is that Wells is the future version.


But What does that mean for the gang? What does that mean for the rest of the season? I feel like they will discover Wells true identity by the end of this season, whatever the final answer may be. But what does that mean for star labs, and team flash? They will probably continuing operating together, minus maybe a character or two, but this team and Star Labs is too important to completely write off the show. I also think that we will start to see Eddie and Barry become closer so when everything comes to light it will be an even bigger fallout. Also, did you catch that Barry is getting a new suit, in the next time trailer? What do you think that will entail?


My main question for everyone is This though. When is Barry getting his own Flash ring?


What were your thoughts on the episode? Let us know below, and you can check us out on Facebook by clicking here.


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