A talk with Tulsa’s Twilight Cosplay!

Being based in Tulsa ourselves; it was an awesome opportunity to get to talk with Twilight Cosplay who is also from T-town. She is a growing cosplayer that, as she says, never got over her love of dress up.  Make sure to always keep a look out for her fantastic cosplays. You never know where she will pop up at! But let’s get down to it!10629624_556111971188906_5658027650605315294_n


  1. We loved you steampunk Poison Ivy last weekend at Wizard World Tulsa Comic Con. But we want to know who your favorite bad guy from the comic world is? (see on the right —> )

Favorite comic book bad guy would have to be Magneto from X-Men. There’s just something about good guys gone bad. Plus, I love his back story.


  1. What made you want to get into cosplay and start your page?

I’ve loved dressing up from a very young age, and I’ve always been really nerdy. When I was about fifteen, I went to my first convention. I’d heard about cosplay before, and I was really interested in trying it out, so I did. Here we are almost eight years later, and I still love it.


  1. What is your guilty pleasure when it comes to food? We all have that one meal that we love but know we shouldn’t eat.

Guilty pleasure, food wise, would have to be pastries and sour candy. So good.


  1. What kind of loot did you walk away from with this convention?

I actually didn’t get much this convention, because everything was so expensive and I was on a budget. But I did walk away with an autographed photo of Scott Wilson!


  1. What are your plans for 2015, any new cosplays or major projects coming?

So far, I’ve got three cons planned for sure for 2015. I’m currently working on a faun cosplay (major undertaking), as well as a White Rabbit cosplay for an original Alice in Wonderland group and a secret cosplay!


Make sure to click here and follow her on Facebook. There you can see all the fun costumes and conventions that she goes to, not to mention more pictures from past cosplays as well. Enjoy this small gallery below! Once you’re done enjoying these though, make sure to click here and follow us as well! Until next time guys!

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Day 3 Wizard World Tulsa: See you guys next year!

After three long days for all the cosplay, merch, and celebrities that we could ask for, it has come to an end. If you were anything like us, you are worn out and glad to be at home. After a convention comes ends, there is always that day of pure nothing. We just sit back and relax and look over all the tweets, photos on Facebook, and show off all the awesome things we picked up from the con.

But let’s look over all the fun from the final day!

When we arrived at 10am the line was already wrapping down the street and towards the edge of  the Cox Convention Center. People had shown up early to be one of the first few in and find the good spots in line for autographs. After 45 mins of waiting they decided to open the doors and little early and let everyone in! The doors came open and it was like a flood!



DSC_2820It was nice to see Tulsa’s news programs take so well to the convention. They has had experience covering the cons, seeing that Tokyo in Tulsa comes every year. There was even a news crew interviewing cosplayers that were more than willing to answer any questions they had.

We followed the crowd down to the celebrities area and just chatted with a few of them. They would not allow us to use our camera down in that area, for obvious reasons, so we do not have many pictures of the guest. ( If you have some that you would like to have featured, just send them to our email at projectsplaygroundinfo@gmail.com)


The cosplay on Sundays is always a little lighter but the level of cosplay did not drop at all! There were awesome costumes all around. We found a fantastic Black Adam and a few more that you can check out for yourself in the pictures below!

DSC_2827 DSC_2829 DSC_2830

If you could not tell from the lines in the picture above, Tulsa sold out it’s first major comic con and with that Wizard World has already announced that they will be back next year! The date we are hearing is Oct 25th, 2015.To us, this is the greatest news of the weekend. Them wanting to come back and all the vendors talking about how great the people were is just fantastic! I always knew that if a well organized comic con were to come here that Tulsa would come out in numbers and show them that they were not making a mistake. So even though this year has come to an end, we will see you all next year and make sure to come back to the blog and check out more of the conventions and news that we post weekly! Hope you all had a blast and if you could not make it, we hope to see you next year!


We talk Power Rangers with Jason David Frank


This week we were given the chance to sit and talk with one, if not the, most popular Power Ranger of all time, Jason David Frank. Just to give you a little back ground, if you didn’t know, Jason was Tommy, the green ranger, on the original series. He has since done many different appearances on the show. So when we got the chance to sit and talk with him, the Rangers were a first stop when it came to questions.

The rumors of a reboot have been going around and gaining some steam over the past month or so. Once we asked the question he smiled big and told us ” The new movie will be filmed in 2015, it’s not written yet. I’ve talked with Saban but it’s just not written yet.” This put a big smile across my face! I was glad to hear it confirmed but is this just a reboot or a continuation of the series?  Here’s what he had to say on that: “They don’t want me to call it a reboot. It’s a re-envisioning of the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers.”  He added ” I’m sure I’ll be involved, and I’m down for that and down for the brand.” 

When the chance of a Green Ranger series was brought up he told us simply ” I tried working on the Green Ranger series, and that’s not completely out, but with the Lionsgate reboot, they don’t want anything to out shine that.”

It was great to see him still so in love with the character that brought him into fame and the lime light when he was only 18 years old. The show holds a special place with a lot of people and he seemed to understand that. He talked numerous times about his fans and how much he loved getting to be with them at the comic cons and doing interviews like this one.

Speaking of fan projects, we asked about his involvement with Bat in the Sun and the awesome videos that they are doing o1920439_10152506416466687_323403750991386589_nver on YouTube.

” You know, it’s funny man. I tell this story to everyone. They ask how do I know if these interviews are real or not and I just say, you don’t care. You treat every interview equal. It doesn’t matter if they have one fan on a podcast or you got 5 million fans, if you treat them equal you’ll make a hit. So with Aaron [from Bat in the Sun] he called and and said how would you like to do this, and I just said yeah, yeah, I’ll help you out. He loves the white ranger so i’ll help him out. I had never seen his work yet and I agreed to help him. I’m a man of my word so he said go check out my work and I told him I would. So I looked it up and saw like 5 million views on Youtube, on Predator vs Wolverine and I love Wolverine so, but I thought his work was phenomenal. And it just happens to be that now he is the executive producer on my reality show, my mighty morphin life, without him and his dad I couldn’t produce the show. I think that God just puts the right people in your life and sometimes it’s great when you meet people to not ask what can you do for me, but just meet them as a person.”


New suit from the upcoming Bat in the Sun video

New suit from the upcoming Bat in the Sun video

We talked a little with him about the new episode of the Super Power Beat Down on Bat in the Sun. ” We just got done filming with Saban on the Green Ranger vs Ryu beat down.  Which we got Sabans approval, which is a big thing cause there is a lot of underground stuff that’s being made. It was a big deal.” I am personally excited to see how this one comes out and make sure to check out Bat in the Sun here on Youtube! You can also check out the trailer to his new web series on their channel has well!

Well guys, that wraps up our talk with Jason David Frank. The main things to take from this it that the Power Rangers movie is coming,  JDF will likely be involved in it, and even if not he is working close with Saban and doing more Ranger centered things! It was awesome to meet such a down to earth and all around great guy! Make sure to watch out for all of his new projects coming. You can find most of it at the links below! Till next time guys.

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Bat in the Sun can be found here!

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Wizard World comes to T-Town!


For the first time, Wizards World is coming to Tulsa! A major comic con coming through Tulsa is a huge deal to a lot of people and I know that there are hundreds of people coming from the surrounding states to see how it goes! I personally have friends from all over coming in to meet all the amazing actors, artist, and writers that they are bring in.

The list of stars coming526f7df9ac044.image is truly overwhelming. We have everyone from Norman Reedus to to Neal Adams! There is literally something there for every type of fan in every fandom. To check out the full list of guest click here! They have not disappointed and I am sure that the rest of the events happening that day will be nothing short of awesome! Let’s look over some of those shall we?



Here is a few that we hand picked to show off for you:

In this panel, Ron Wright, Ph.D. & Paul Jones, Ph.D. from Southern Nazarene University will explore psychological and theological themes in AMC’s television series, The Walking Dead. Specifically, they will explore themes around understanding human nature, ethics, the link between physiology, behavior, and the imago dei, and the importance of meaning through analysis of episodes and seasons via theoretical and empirical psychological models, as well as theological frameworks.


With a career spanning over five decades and an extensive résumé that includes starring roles in shows such as Star Trek and Boston Legal, Emmy-award winner William Shatner takes the stage to dish on the roles that have made him a household name and one of the most renowned men in television history.

Come see the original Green Power Ranger, Jason David Frank live in this exciting Wizard World panel. Don’t miss your chance to ask your questions in this special audience Q&A session and learn more about his reality TV show My Morphin Life!

For the full list of events click here!


And last but not least make sure to check out this interactive map of the entire con! Get your game plans together now guys, this is going to be one busy weekend!



With the con less than two weeks below we have all the basic info below for you to get ready. As someone who has attended many cons in the past, I suggest buying your tickets online and avoiding the lines the day of. Here is the link for that and make sure to look out for us at the con! Want your cosplay to be featured on the blog, make sure to email us at projectsplaygroundinfo@gmail.com! Can not wait to see all of you there!

The basics:


Click here and grab yours now! The 3 day passes are already sold out!


Cox Business Center / 100 Civic Center / Tulsa, OK 74103

Date and time:

November 7-8-9, 2014
Friday, November 7, 2014 – 3pm – 8pm
Saturday, November 8, 2014 – 10am – 7pm
Sunday, November 9, 2014 – 11am – 5pm