Captain Marvel is my favorite new addition


What a day! With Marvels “event” this morning, the fan boys have gone full blown crazy. Not that they shouldn’t be, because face it, the news was nothing short of stunning!  Now most of them were already rumored to be in the works but it was nice to see them official.image

There were plenty of new superheroes announced but the one we are talking about here is the one that caught my eye the most, Captain Marvel.

The fact that I am so interested in this movie was a surprise to me. Now I love Captain Marvel just as much as most comic fan, but she was never my favorite. Something about this strong female hero coming had me excited. Carol Danvers is nothing short of an awesome character, and well rounded at that. But just how does she fit in?

In the comics her journey starts with something that seems pretty familiar. She gets injuries due to Iron Man, who has been taken over during a fight in Cape Town… Now, if you believe like most of us, there is a huge fight in Africa in Age of Ultron. That leads to the first time we will see  T’challa, during what I think will be a search for vibranium. If this is true then why would it not make sense that perhaps we are introduced to Ms. Danvers here as well? It’s not a stretch to think that at some point in this movie that Ultron takes control of Iron Mans suit, and this could lead to her injury. Looking at all the movies coming down the line, they could use her in several movies, and take their time explaining who she is. I think it is pure genius!

If they at least introduce her in Age of Ultron there is reason to believe you could see the continuation of that in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and then show her siding with Tony during the Civil War, all of this coming to a head and her joining the Avengers in the Infinity War. Between these two movies there will be time to explain even more about her in her own solo film, just two months after part 1. Maybe she will come into the end of this “war” with full power?

Is this to much of a stretch? Is this not a perfect way to introduce some of the key characters for the future, and personally I believe Captain Marvel will be a huge part of this story line. What about you? What’s your theories?


Is there any way to make comic book fans happy?

It seems that no matter what we are given as fans, there is always a group of people that will find something to complain about. There is always one tiny thing that will gnaw at some people. We can never be fully satisfied with what we are given. There are countless reasons for this, but the biggest is that, as fans, we have this idea in our head of our favorites. This is what makes our fandom so great. We can take what is written and shown to us and warp it to our imagination. When those things are put on film or finally done in a “more substantial” way that we will never be 100% happy. Here’s the kicker though, the projects that we are getting these days are top notch and amazing. What is there to truly complain about? Anything and everything.

This rant has been in the making for a long time now. There is always some know it all out there that is pointing out the smallest detail that is wrong that they can find. How could they possibly let Man of Steel end with Supermbodyan killing Zod? That is so un-superman like. He wouldn’t do that! How do you think that he made those rules for himself? Do you think that he didn’t go through something that made him decide to never kill again, unless there was absolutely no choice? Superman destroyed half the city! Why would he not be more careful? The Avengers contained the fighting as much as they could to avoid civilians dying or getting hurt, why didn’t he? Maybe because he was just learning what he could do? Maybe at the time he had no idea what he was doing!

That was the first time that the haters literally drove me insane. They had always been there, but we are living in the golden age of comic movies. We should be enjoying everything that we get, not seeing how much of it we can nit pick and tear down. It had slowed down a Ben-Affleck-Batman-Costumelittle bit (a very little bit) until they released that Affleck was playing Batman. The internet went up in flames. “Oh great! Ben Affleck has come to ruin Batman. Batfleck is going to suck!” Is this just like how Heath Ledger could not possibly do a good Joker? That’s what i thought. Shut your mouth and let them prove you wrong before you go running your mouth. We all know that Daredevil was a terrible movie but that doesn’t mean it was all his fault. It has a good chance of being one of the best Batman interpretation that we have seen. Speaking of Batman, we get Gotham and all I hear is about how the Penguin isn’t fat and Edward Enigma is to old… Does no one notice how great this show is?

But all this brings us to what prompted this post tonight. The Age of Ultron teaser was leaked early this week.ultron2 This should be an awesome thing right? For the most part it was, besides all the haters out there complaining about tiny details. Are you seriously upset that Ultron has a moving jaw and didn’t have the pointy ears like the comic version? How do you even know that is his final form? Do you know anything about the ever evolving Ultron? Would they really give us a look at his final style so soon? I doubt it. Even if that is how he ends up looking at the end, so what! It looks awesome and this is coming from someone who has loved Ultron since he was a little boy. I love the look of the old school comics but that does not take anything away from the amazing, terrifying, version that we have been given this week. Spaders voice on top of that, perfect!

I know that I will get nothing but crap for writing this. All I will hear about is how wrong I am, and that all the things I pointed out above are important. To each his own I guess. We need to enjoy these movies while we have them. No generation has ever been able to look forward to the onslaught of comic movies, especially good ones. What is something that has driven you crazy in a Marvel or DC movie? Anything that other people complain about that you think is dumb? Let us know in the comments below!


Pictures leaked from AoU trailer… but why the Hulkbuster now?

IMG_4721 So, let’s start with first things first. No one is sitting at home saying, “Why does the stupid Hulkbuster armor have to be in this movie? It’s just dumb.” No one… not one single soul. The Hulkbuster has always been a fan favorite and getting to see it in “live action” (or CGI action if you will) is going to be pure awesome! In the last Avengers movie we saw Thor and the big green machine go at it and now its the man in the iron armor to give it a swing.


After seeing the awesome “leaked” photo of the suit, from what we all figure is the trailer set to release next week, the only question I have is… Why? Now you can see the picture to the right if you have yet to see it. It looks awesome, it looks massive, and it looks like I always hoped it would, but that does not stop me from asking, why now? The timing seems interesting. Lets consider a few thing here. The Avengers have assembled yet again to take down the greatest villain the comic movie world has seen yet. (Beside Thanos in GotG) There is a war raging like nothing any of them have ever seen, given the poster that was released at SDCC this year. There are new Avengers in the group and that takes training and getting used to. All of this going on and now… Let’s take the hulk down!

The only reason this suit is ever used is to stop the Hulk, or something just as big, so we know that it’s not Ultron. The loss of speed would be too much of a disadvantage against him. So the Hulk gets so out of control that in the middle of this war that Tony is forced to pull out a suit strong enough to stop him…or at least slow him down. Here are the only reason I could see him using the armor at all for this movie:

1. It is the start of the movie and the government calls in Tony to stop the Hulk. He has lost control and something has to be done. Tony will say yes because he is the only one with an ego big enough to take him on. Thor is not in the picture yet, so there is no using him. This is also a perfect out for Tony to make a new suit after Iron Man 3. Oh and don’t forget, remember the end of the Hulk movie where Tony walks into the bar to find Thunderbolt Ross? Makes a little sense now doesn’t it?

2. Ultron some how takes control of the Hulk. This seems the least likely to me, but if it can be done Ultron would be the one to do it. Even though it seems Loki really wanted to, I doubt if would have be able to wrangle something as powerful as the Hulk. Will Ultron use the Hulk against the Avengers?

3. Even though the question has been asked before and the answer was no. Is this the start to a Planet Hulk movie? Will they shoot the Hulk into space to get rid of him? How else do you control something so violent, with Banner not running the show upstairs. Think about this too though… With Civil war being the story for Cap 3, can we have Civil War with Hulk and Banner running around? Is this how you get rid of him for the time being? Of course, they did say that some of the Guardians of the Galaxy would meet up some some of the Avengers… is this why? Do they find the Hulk? Maybe in a post credits scene?

Now some of these theories may be a little off, hence the theories part, but they could all be viable with a little fleshing out. What do you think they are doing with this move? Does it matter to you at all or do you just want to see them go at it? Let us know in the comments!Screenshots_2014-10-22-16-04-35

Before you go… enjoy this leaked picture of Ultron as well… What is there to say about that besides…. Hell Yes! He looks awesome and with James Spader doing the voice, I’m sure there will be no disappointment! Till next time guys!