Let’s all take a moment to thank god for Agent Carter!



Finally!! There is finally a Marvel show on TV that i look forward to watching! I love the tie in to the movies with Agents of Shield, but for some reason there is just no way that I can sit through it. I have never been able to put my finger on it, but something about it has always bothered me. This is the very reason that I waited till I could watch 2 episodes in a row of Agent Carter. It was worth it!

Last night I sat 1200.2x1and watched both episodes and loved every minute of it. From the old timey feel of it, to the action scenes. There was humor, action, and still so many tie ins to the movies. I think there will be quiet a reveal when this is all over. The show is based around the premise that Howard Stark has become a traitor and that Agent Carter will be the only one that can prove he is innocent. This post is not a recap or anything like that so that is about as far as we will go on that.

It was nice to see Jarvis in the show and just how he interacted with Howard and Ms. Carter.Edwin_Jarvis_1 Wanting so badly to be involved in the action made me laugh a few times but often reminded me of how much Tony and his father were alike.

The biggest part of this that made me excited was that Marvel could put out a show that would rival what DC was doing with Arrow, Gotham, and Flash. With Dare Devil coming in April and more on the way, I was truly afraid that they would all garbage and not worth the time of day.


With all this said, what were your thoughts about the show? Is it better than Agents of Shield or do you like that one as well? Any hopes for the up coming Netflix series? Let us know in the comments below! and as always, follow us on facebook by clicking here!



Let’s talk TV: DC vs. Marvel

After giving them a few days to settle and to look through them we are here to talk about the Two big TV shows we’ve been waiting for. First it was Gotham! It looked amazing but to be honest we were afraid that it would not live up to all the hype. Then quickly following that we had Agents of Shield going into their second season. I wasn’t big on the first season until the end. They finished strong and we wondered if they would start the same. So let’s dig in.



Sold as a show to show Gotham in a new way. A world before Batman and to shed a light on the under belly that we think we know. Sounds like a perfect show to me! This would solve one of DC’s bigger problems if you ask us. It would make it more human, more relatable. And it did just that.

We’ve all seen the scene where Bruce’s  parents die. Bad guy comes out from shadows, robs them, and then bang bang. But that’s where it ends. It was awesome to me just getting to see past that. All the bad guys they introduced, even if they weren’t quiet the people we know just yet.

Out of all the easter eggs laid through the pilot episode, the best part of the show for me was the Penguin. I loved the way they played him and the actor did great. The shot below was one of the highlights of the show to me. What was your favorite part?


Overall: 8/10

Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.


Like we said at the beginning,  we weren’t big on this show until towards the end of the first season. They tied it all together, even with the movies, and ended strong. They started just as strong!

With shield in pieces and Hydra found to be strong as ever, the scene is set. The story looks great and the direction seems a little more aimed and focused.  Not to mention they brought in one of my favorite bad guys ever… Crusher Creel!


The effects were good, the fights were even better, and the actor did… great? He didn’t really have to do much but pull of the fight scenes and look awesome, which he did. I love the way this show is going but I’m still having a hard time buying in 100%. Hopefully they will be able to hook me soon! What about you? Will you be watching every week?

Overall: 7/10

Well now you know what we think but what do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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Antman got his arse kicked, agents of shield got a little hotter, and Skinny Pete stops in for a chat!

Welcome to recess guys! Take a load off. Lean back and kick off your shoes, unless your at work. Then for the sake of those around you, do not do that!

We have made it half way through the week and you know what that means! We get to bring you some of our thoughts from a weeks worth of “news” and an awesome interview to wrap it up! This week we have all sorts of good stuff and we get to talk with Charles Baker. Don’t recognize the name? How about Skinny Pete from Breaking Bad? Thats more like it! We talk food, anime, and the future with him and bring it to you. So let’s dig in!


Alright guys, right off the bat we have to deal with something. I am all about news and rumors from movies, video game, etc but this is just a little rediculous. We got the first official picture from the Antman set, which only started shooting yesterday, and the internet blew up.


For one, i’m not even sure this movie will be any good (I’m sure it will be… name the last movie that Marvel screwed up) and for two, this picture doesn’t even have an interesting piece to it. Besides the fact that Paul Rudd got the crap kicked out of him (notice the bandages on his eyebrow) This picture literally means nothing. Shooting started… hurray! Come on. I at least wanna see him in the suit or something cool. Am I the only one?


If you didn’t already see it, the Agents of SHIELD television show has picked up its’ newest member! Adrianne Palicki has signed on the play the popular superhero, Mockingbird! As for what this means for the story…your guess is as good as mine. The one thing you canimages (2) not say is that the show did not just get a huge boost in the looks department. Not that she isn’t a great actresses or anything, because she is, but still…

This show, for me, was really slow and lacked what I expected from a Marvel production. The story was good, but not well delivered if you ask me. These new additions may be just the shot in the arm this show needed. I guess only time will tell though.


We want to take this time away from movie and game news to do something a little different. We want to ask you, the reader, a question and get your two cents on the subject. You come and read this blog every week, we hope, and listen to us blather on and on about what we think about numerous subjects. We want your input!

download (1) download (11) Hyrule_Warriors_NA_game_cover

So here is the question for this week. What game are you most looking forward to seeing this holiday season? Is it Assassin Creed Unity? Maybe Warriors of Hyrule? Or possible even Super Smash Brothers for the 3DS/WiiU?

Tell us in the comments below. It doesn’t have to be any of these games but just the one that you are looking forward to the most. We can’t wait to reads your responses!




We recently got an awesome chance to interview someone that weall loved. He was on the epic show Breaking Bad but also did numerous other roles and voices of some of our favorite character from the anime One       Piece!



Getting to talk with Charles Baker was an awesome experience and we wanted to take a quick second before releasing the interview to say thank you! Make sure to check out all the awesome projects he has coming out!

Now down to business! Here we go!

Hello, we wanted to take a second to thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions for us!

No problem!

While I am sure that you get this a lot, I love you in Breaking Bad. Skinny Pete was one of the funniest parts to me and brought laughs to very serious show. But I was interested to read that you were involved in the anime One Piece. How did you come about working on that?
 The version of One Piece I was in was produced by FUNIMATION. I did voices for several different shows they did.  It started while I was working on a short film in Fort Worth, TX as an extra; one of the other extras and I were talking and I mentioned that I would love to do voices for anime. Turns out, he was a director for Funimation and liked me enough to just bring me in to do some random voices. It grew from there.
I saw that you have quite a few projects coming in the next year or so and wondered if you could tell us a little more about b those and the path you are taking your career?
 I have 5 features coming out! All of them are different types of roles and characters. Coming out first is WILD, directed by Jean-Marc Valeė (Dallas Buyers Club). I play  TJ, a bow hunter that the main character, played by Reese Witherspoon, encounters on her journey.
In AD INEXPLORATA, a mission-to-Mars drama, I play Capt. Frank Worsely, an officer on a space station which supplies the ship for its one-way mission, who may have spent just a little too much time alone in the confines of space.
YOU CAN’T WIN is a period piece, set in 1920’s, based on the memoir of Jack Black, a criminal vagabond, played by Michael Pitt, who is encouraged by my character, FREMONT OLDER,  the editor for the San Francisco Chronicle at the time, to tell his story in an effort to find a way to reform the US penal system.
AUGUST FALLS is a mystery by Sam Hancock, based on a book by Matthew McKay. I play Jonas Prine, the owner of the apartment building where our mystery takes place.
And lastly, ELEVEN ELEVEN, a sci-fi comedy and my first lead role! I’m equally excited and horrified about this one coming out! I hope the audience finds it as much fun as we had making it! I play Tim Faris, a sort of social outcast/ “Trekkie” who desperately wants the world to know that he’s been abducted by aliens, but, at the same time, desperately needs to keep a deep secret about that encounter from his wife.
My goal is to constantly challenge myself and grow as an actor. I’d like be able to play every role that comes my way, no matter how challenging the character is!
To me nothing is better than a good pizza after a long day. What is your favorite food to eat?
 My comfort food is sushi!
Now we have to throw in a least one Breaking Bad question. Can you tell us a funny story from behind the scenes that will stick with you forever?
 Every moment on that set will stick with me forever, but, the time that Jonathan Banks, who played “Mike” jokingly threatened to punch me in the heart if I wasted any time messing up my lines in our only scene together, was pretty special to me.  He’s always been an acting hero of mine, so, it was a pretty epic moment for me.
Do you think that Skinny Pete will make an appearance on the new show Better Call Saul? We’ve heard that Mr. White may be making an appearance.
 I have no idea! It was hinted at when the series was just being conceived, but, I haven’t heard from anyone since.  I’d love to be a part of it, but, I’m beginning to suspect they don’t want me.
Thank you again so much for taking the time to answer these questions for us. We can not wait to read all your answers!
 No problem! Thanks for taking the time to ask!
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A Marvel rundown and we caught a butterfly… Cosplay Butterfly that is


Welcome back friends and new comers alike! Hope you are all having an amazing week. Here on the o’playground we have been having a ball. With Captain America: The Winter Soldier coming out and all the questions left and all the pieces finally put together, it been fun.


Photo from Jericho Invented that

But before we get to all that we would like to take a minute a pay our respects to the Ultimate Warrior. I know some of you may not have grown up with wrestling or like it at all but for me, they were my first superheros. This one especially. I always loved watching him and listening to him. He was a great wrestler and like a said, to me a superhero. He will be missed.

So this week we bring you a purely Marvel IIR. I will warn you here… If you have not seen WS  (winter soldier) then you may not want to read this section… just scroll down till you see…… (make sure to check out the nerd wife review of the movie here)


Now for those of you who have to just can not wait to hear all about it let’s get down to it!

The hardest choice is where to start. In the Avengers we see Nick Fury and s.h.e.i.l.d. bring the heros together and fight the alien invasion threatening earth. In all the aftermath of that Iron Man is left questioning everything, Thor is left to fight off the dark elves (in fact the events here didn’t seem to bother


him at all. After all he is the only one used to this kinda thing), Banner is no where to be found (except being mentioned by Arnim Zola during WS along with Steven Strange), and last is Cap. The Captain finds himself doing the same old song and dance. Being the good soldier and taking his orders.

Yada yada yada, we fins ourselves without s.h.e.i.l.d. now. This leaves Cap wondering about his friend Bucky (who we all know is alive and now knows who he is). Add to this the show Agents of S.h.e.i.l.d. and we have a connected universe in cinema that has never been seen.


“The miricles” at the end of WS (being Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch) are going to come into play thanks to Baron Von Strucker and the mind gem on Loki’s staff. Leaving the twins under his control, but to what end? Surely they will not just rehash the same thing from the first movie and have them fight the Avengers just to turn and be good guys later, just like Hawkeye. And how would one control the Scarlet Witch with that? Is it that powerful?  (My thoughts at least.)

That brings us to the gems… so far (at least fully introduced) we have seen 3 gems. The teseract,  the ether, and the mind gem. (The fourth and maybe more sure to come about in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.) That would leave 3 more for Thanos to get a hold of to bring this all to a head in Avengers 3.


Let’s step back and look at the GotG movie first. We saw the collector in the end credits of Thor 2. With him “collecting” these and seeming kinda shifty about it,  leads me to believe that he is working with Thanos. (Plus the collector has never really been the one for power)


But being an eternal why would he do that… unless they stay true to the comics and he is trying to get his brother (the game master) back. Will we see the Game Master, Thanos (yes), and Death in gotg? I hope so.

And as stated above this all is connected on one level or another. So what about the short film “Hail to the King” where the real Mandarin sends his regards to the fake actor… will the 10 rings have anything to do with the infinity gems?

All of this leads us to the Avengers 2… but what about after?


With Antman coming, Thor 3, Captain America 3, and GotG 2. This leaves us with a huge area to cover and some surprises that I think will blow people’s mind. 

Here are a few of our predictions…

1. Cap will die in Captain America 3 and leave Bucky to take his place.
2. In gotg 2 we will see the kree hero Captain Marvel and that will lead us to Ms. Marvel.
3. The twins will be nothing more than the product MN of genetic manipulation
4. Captain America 3 will blow the new Man of Steel movie out of the water… easily

Now… I know this was a lot of information so take it in… reread it and then let us know what you thought below! Have any predictions that we missed? Think we got it wrong? Tell us!


Well guys and gals today we have the privilege of talking with a talented coslayer yet again. She goes by Cosplay Butterfly and today she’s answering 5 questions just for us!
Awesome! well here are the questions and i hope you enjoy them!  


1)If you had to pick one… a freezing cold winter or a blistering hot summer?

Blistering hot Summer!!!! All the way! I have very thick and curly hair, so it really goes wild in the humidity but I’d rather put up with that than be freezing cold. I am such a wimp when it comes to cool temperatures. When I went to Mexico two years ago I had to wear sweaters at night while everyone else was in their summer clothing, because I found it to be cold. I am almost constantly cold, and really can’t stand it haha!  

2)What was the last video game you beat all the way through?

The last video game I beat all the way through…Man, does this include Pokemon Y for the DS3? Hahahha! I would have to say Mario Bros. for the Super Nintendo XD I enjoy playing games but have a really hard time with actually sticking to them before I become bored. So I just play different ones whenever and never really end up finishing them. Or I hang out with friends and we take turns playing through them together. If that is the case then it would have been either Dark Souls or Catherine. : p  

3)Who is your favorite comic book villian?

My favorite comic book villain would have to have been Emma Frost when she was the White Queen of the Hellfire Club from back in the 80’s… Surprise!  

4)what is the most uncomfortable cosplay costume you wear?

The most uncomfortable cosplay costume that I wear would have to beeeeee none of them hahaha! Most of my costumes are made from Spandex and are actually quite comfortable, and I don’t have any problems with showing skin so that doesn’t bother me at all. Maybe my new White Queen costume, because it involves a corset. And every lady knows that real corsets are made for high fashion torture.  

5)What are your plans for the rest of the 2014?

My plans for the rest of 2014 include going into full time school. So that is actually going to be taking up most of my time seeing as it is a 2 year course condensed into 26 weeks. Other than that and work it will definitely be cosplay. I’m going to attending Anime North and Toronto Fan Expo definitely. Although I aspire to go to more conventions it will depend entirely on my school schedule and finances.




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