Hikari Kat stops in for a chit-chat

hakari kat


Welcome back to the Playground and another awesome interview! This week we get the chance to talk with the one and only Hikari Kat! Ove the past year we have done a lot of different interviews, but this one was honeslty one of my favorites and most fun. Get to know a little more about this awesome cosplayer all the way from Spain! Read on friends! 



1. Which costume you have is the most uncomfortable to wear all day to a convention?

1. Difficult to choose one… Perhaps some parts of some costumes are difficult to wear, one for heels, another for big skirts, another for petticoat… I felt a lot of pain in my hips when I wore Yuuko’s skirts and petticoat. Aria was really uncomfortable at the end of the day. The skirt of my gold Belle are really heavy… I can’t choose only one.

2. If you could only have one; video games, comics, or movies, which would you choose?

2. Another difficult to choose one! Ahahaha perhaps videogames. Since years ago I enjoy soo much play videogames, alone and with my friends. Really fun!

3. Are you a cat or dog person?

3. I love both and I had both, but I’m more like a cat person

4. What’s a food you could eat forever?

4. …I don’t know. Meat I suppose. I LOOOOVE meat. I can’t live without meat. And sweets. And chocolate…. for gods sake, I don’t really know! Ahahaha

5. Any big plans for 2015?

5. Well, at the moment I have one or two plans, and fix other old costumes for making photos I think I work con my Elinor (Brave) costume first.

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RcSitxyFour talks with us about cosplay, fun, and her plans for 2015

We got the chance to talk with the lovely and talented lady, RcSixtyFour. She is a cosplayer, prop maker, and costume designer, and she has many amazing cosplays to her name! Make sure to check out the small gallery at the bottom and follow all the links to find more! Enjoy!


1. How many movies have you seen in theaters this year?

I’ve seen five movies in theaters this year, I watch most movies on Netflix or TV

2. Who is your favorite super villain?

Phoenix would have to be my favorite, I don’t know if you really consider her a “super villain” but shes good and bad so she’s the best of both worlds!

3. If you could visit any place in the world, where would you go?

Growing up it was always Australia, but recently I saw a picture of a very muscular kangaroo, so now my plans are changing and I haven’t decided on a new location yet

4. What is the strangest complement you have ever received?

I had a guy one time tell me he really liked my kneecaps

5. Any big plans for 2015?

I’m working on a calender to be released fall of next year for 2016! I have many conventions coming up that I’m going to be a guest at that I’m super excited about as well! I’m also planning my most challenging costume to date for the near future.

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A fun little talk with Kitten in Strings Cosplay!

This week we got the chance to talk to KitteninStrings Cosplay! It was an awesome time getting to know her just a little bit better. She is an experienced cosplayer and has been doing all this since 2006! She is based out of the New England area and is an awesome geek in all the best ways! She loves making costumes, reading comic books, playing video games, watching anime, sewing, dancing, singing, and table top gaming. What more could you ask for?!

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Below is the awesome talk we had with her and check out the small gallery after! Enjoy!


1. I make a lot of props and help make a lot of costumes. It never fails that I cut/burn/hurt myself every time. What’s the worst injury you have had thanks for cosplay?
“Oh Goodness! Hmmm… I’m SO accident prone.. Though I think the most expensive and worst one to date has to be that I was in my Rarity Satyr cosplay in a fashion show and fell off the runway and fractured my ankle. I finished the show, but for like 3 months after any time I wore heels it would kill. >.> Though I recently had a dream I was working on some armor for something and cut my thumbs off with the ban saw… O.O”

2. What is your favorite memory from a convention?
“So many!! I can never remember or pick just one! I go to too many cons a year to even begin to think of an answer to this question.”

3. We love asking random questions. Would you rather be forced to walk with Jello in your shoes, or sand in your shoes?
“Jello. Final answer……… it’s so squishy.”

4. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?
“The New Hunger Games, followed by Big Hero 6 for the 3rd time.”

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5. Any big plans for 2015?
“Hmmm. Cosplans YES! I hope to finally get one of my dream cosplays done! ^___^ I’m working on it now, so no spoilers.”



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Talking steampunk with the lovely Anastasia Dragunov

Two of the genres that has always interested me is steampunk and dessertpunk. They have always been fascinating. Some people’s ability to bring this to life is just amazing. That is defiantly true when it comes to Anastasia! The costumes that she puts together look as though they are ripped straight out of the genre itself.

We got the chance to sit down and talk with her about her love of steampunk and some of her other hobbies. Take a look and make sure to enjoy the gallery below and follow the link at run end to find more and follow her on her Facebook! Enjoy!

1. What started your love of the steampunk genre?

My love of science-fiction and period films/books first brought me to the idea of Steampunk. I would see hints of it here or there, but it became truly prevalent in my life after the Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes movie came out. I’ve always loved the fashion of the Victorian Era and ultimately it was a combination of the above which really drove me into the steampunk genre.

2. What has been your favorite convention that you have attended?

My favorite convention…. That’s a hard one actually. I think I would have to say its a toss up between Comicpalooza in Houston and Realms Con in Corpus Christi. At both I was able to meet some pretty amazing people I’ve looked up to in films, music, tv, as well as cosplay.

3. Are you into gaming at all? If so, what is your favorite game?

I am a huge gamer actually. My favorite game is by far Dragon Age Origins. In second place of that I would have to say Skyrim though.

4. Besides making costumes and modeling, what hobbies do you have?

Costuming and modeling take up a hug portion of my time, but when I’m not doing either of those I’m usually gaming (haha). I actually went to university for Physics so stargazing is definitely something I love to do in the cooler months. I do also love camping and I’m big into organic lifestyles. So, I do garden and work on my herbology skills.

5. How do you plan to end this year? Any big plans for the upcoming year?

As of right now my end of the year plans are still undecided. I have one more convention planned as well as appearing in the December issue of the Ladies of Steampunk magazine. However, next year is looking to be pretty awesome. I have conventions I will be guesting at, photo shoots planned, some international jobs in the works, and some amazing costumes I’m really looking forward to working on and releasing. Keep an eye out for me in future issues of the Ladies of Steampunk magazine next year as well.




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A talk with Tulsa’s Twilight Cosplay!

Being based in Tulsa ourselves; it was an awesome opportunity to get to talk with Twilight Cosplay who is also from T-town. She is a growing cosplayer that, as she says, never got over her love of dress up.  Make sure to always keep a look out for her fantastic cosplays. You never know where she will pop up at! But let’s get down to it!10629624_556111971188906_5658027650605315294_n


  1. We loved you steampunk Poison Ivy last weekend at Wizard World Tulsa Comic Con. But we want to know who your favorite bad guy from the comic world is? (see on the right —> )

Favorite comic book bad guy would have to be Magneto from X-Men. There’s just something about good guys gone bad. Plus, I love his back story.


  1. What made you want to get into cosplay and start your page?

I’ve loved dressing up from a very young age, and I’ve always been really nerdy. When I was about fifteen, I went to my first convention. I’d heard about cosplay before, and I was really interested in trying it out, so I did. Here we are almost eight years later, and I still love it.


  1. What is your guilty pleasure when it comes to food? We all have that one meal that we love but know we shouldn’t eat.

Guilty pleasure, food wise, would have to be pastries and sour candy. So good.


  1. What kind of loot did you walk away from with this convention?

I actually didn’t get much this convention, because everything was so expensive and I was on a budget. But I did walk away with an autographed photo of Scott Wilson!


  1. What are your plans for 2015, any new cosplays or major projects coming?

So far, I’ve got three cons planned for sure for 2015. I’m currently working on a faun cosplay (major undertaking), as well as a White Rabbit cosplay for an original Alice in Wonderland group and a secret cosplay!


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Day 3 Wizard World Tulsa: See you guys next year!

After three long days for all the cosplay, merch, and celebrities that we could ask for, it has come to an end. If you were anything like us, you are worn out and glad to be at home. After a convention comes ends, there is always that day of pure nothing. We just sit back and relax and look over all the tweets, photos on Facebook, and show off all the awesome things we picked up from the con.

But let’s look over all the fun from the final day!

When we arrived at 10am the line was already wrapping down the street and towards the edge of  the Cox Convention Center. People had shown up early to be one of the first few in and find the good spots in line for autographs. After 45 mins of waiting they decided to open the doors and little early and let everyone in! The doors came open and it was like a flood!



DSC_2820It was nice to see Tulsa’s news programs take so well to the convention. They has had experience covering the cons, seeing that Tokyo in Tulsa comes every year. There was even a news crew interviewing cosplayers that were more than willing to answer any questions they had.

We followed the crowd down to the celebrities area and just chatted with a few of them. They would not allow us to use our camera down in that area, for obvious reasons, so we do not have many pictures of the guest. ( If you have some that you would like to have featured, just send them to our email at projectsplaygroundinfo@gmail.com)


The cosplay on Sundays is always a little lighter but the level of cosplay did not drop at all! There were awesome costumes all around. We found a fantastic Black Adam and a few more that you can check out for yourself in the pictures below!

DSC_2827 DSC_2829 DSC_2830

If you could not tell from the lines in the picture above, Tulsa sold out it’s first major comic con and with that Wizard World has already announced that they will be back next year! The date we are hearing is Oct 25th, 2015.To us, this is the greatest news of the weekend. Them wanting to come back and all the vendors talking about how great the people were is just fantastic! I always knew that if a well organized comic con were to come here that Tulsa would come out in numbers and show them that they were not making a mistake. So even though this year has come to an end, we will see you all next year and make sure to come back to the blog and check out more of the conventions and news that we post weekly! Hope you all had a blast and if you could not make it, we hope to see you next year!


Day 2 at Wizard World Tulsa! Cosplay… cosplay everywhere!

Today we spent our time out with the people! We love just taking some time to sit back and admire all the work people put into these amazing costumes. There was everything from beginners to pros walking around! It was truly inspiring to see all the fantastic costumes that were there. 


It was not entirely one sided on any certain fandom either. There was everything from Starwars to comics. The endless amount of people kept us quite busy for most the day. Make sure to flip through the huge gallery we have below and enjoy some of them yourself! We were talking with a ton of you and feel free to leave a comment below, letting us know who you were!

But, just because we did all that does not mean that we did not take the time to go and explore the convention and see what they had to offer. We stepped into a few panels and just soaked in some of the awesome information that the presents were offering. There were numerous Q and A’s that we saw for a small period of time and don’t forget the awesome cosplay contest that some of you were entered into no doubt!

The exhibitorsDSC_3053 floor was awesome to walk through. There was a little bit of everything and even some items that I had never seen before. The amount of craftsmanship and art that we saw was astounding. I even picked me up a couple of pop dolls to get me closer to completing my Assassins Creed collection! (As you can see on the left)


And finally there was the celebs! The people that many of us have dreamed of meeting but never had the chance to. Today there was more than enough time for everyone to go by and say hello, pick up an autograph, or even get a photo op! We will be talking with a few tomorrow and we will bring you those interviews as soon as possible! Who were you guys most excited about seeing?

To us, this was a big step for Tulsa. We brought a major comic con to town, and we sold it out! We made sure to show them that we can handle having the stars come to town. I love the smaller, more home grown, cons as much as the next guy but sometimes it is nice to enjoy the spectacle of something this massive. We will see them back in the years to come, I am sure of that! Enjoy the gallery below and make sure to find us on facebook at the link below!



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