Hikari Kat stops in for a chit-chat

hakari kat


Welcome back to the Playground and another awesome interview! This week we get the chance to talk with the one and only Hikari Kat! Ove the past year we have done a lot of different interviews, but this one was honeslty one of my favorites and most fun. Get to know a little more about this awesome cosplayer all the way from Spain! Read on friends! 



1. Which costume you have is the most uncomfortable to wear all day to a convention?

1. Difficult to choose one… Perhaps some parts of some costumes are difficult to wear, one for heels, another for big skirts, another for petticoat… I felt a lot of pain in my hips when I wore Yuuko’s skirts and petticoat. Aria was really uncomfortable at the end of the day. The skirt of my gold Belle are really heavy… I can’t choose only one.

2. If you could only have one; video games, comics, or movies, which would you choose?

2. Another difficult to choose one! Ahahaha perhaps videogames. Since years ago I enjoy soo much play videogames, alone and with my friends. Really fun!

3. Are you a cat or dog person?

3. I love both and I had both, but I’m more like a cat person

4. What’s a food you could eat forever?

4. …I don’t know. Meat I suppose. I LOOOOVE meat. I can’t live without meat. And sweets. And chocolate…. for gods sake, I don’t really know! Ahahaha

5. Any big plans for 2015?

5. Well, at the moment I have one or two plans, and fix other old costumes for making photos I think I work con my Elinor (Brave) costume first.

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RcSitxyFour talks with us about cosplay, fun, and her plans for 2015

We got the chance to talk with the lovely and talented lady, RcSixtyFour. She is a cosplayer, prop maker, and costume designer, and she has many amazing cosplays to her name! Make sure to check out the small gallery at the bottom and follow all the links to find more! Enjoy!


1. How many movies have you seen in theaters this year?

I’ve seen five movies in theaters this year, I watch most movies on Netflix or TV

2. Who is your favorite super villain?

Phoenix would have to be my favorite, I don’t know if you really consider her a “super villain” but shes good and bad so she’s the best of both worlds!

3. If you could visit any place in the world, where would you go?

Growing up it was always Australia, but recently I saw a picture of a very muscular kangaroo, so now my plans are changing and I haven’t decided on a new location yet

4. What is the strangest complement you have ever received?

I had a guy one time tell me he really liked my kneecaps

5. Any big plans for 2015?

I’m working on a calender to be released fall of next year for 2016! I have many conventions coming up that I’m going to be a guest at that I’m super excited about as well! I’m also planning my most challenging costume to date for the near future.

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We ask Negative Stacey random questions!


Well guys, another week and another interview. This week we get the chance to catch up with the gorgeous and talented Negative Stacey!

Now on with the fun! Enjoy.

1. What is better: Sci-Fi of horror?

Better? That depends.. I’ve seen really bad sci-fi stuff and really bad horror. But also really amazing stuff.. guess it just depends on what you’re comparing.

2. Did you see the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie? If so, what did you think?

Yes!! Absolutely LOVED it. Saw the first showing opening night. It was etertaining,  badasss, and funny. You’ll see how much I love it soon… 😉

3. Pepsi or coke?

OMG Coke all the way. I’m such a Coke snob and I prefer diet. Wouldn’t touch Pepsi with a 10 foot pole!!

4. What’s the worst movie of all time?

That’s tough… maybe Spy Kids?

5. What are your plans for the rest of the year?

So far I’m attending NYCC all 4 days and Rhode Island comic con.  Everything else is up in the air. I do have some pretty big projects coming out SOON, which I’m not ready to announce yet, so stay tuned. Thanks!! 🙂

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