Deadpool fans can rejoice!


Go a head and wave back because this anti-hero’s movie is moving forward. One of the only things holding them back was who would play the merc with a mouth in his truest of forms. Well today we got this as an answer:


Ryan Reynolds posted this on his Twitter and set the comic book nerd, me included, into a frenzy!

He will be returning to to play the role of Wade Wilson that he started in Wolverine Origins. There were some people who had hoped for a different actor to take the role and thus, rebooting the entire character. Today we know this is not the case.

There were some terrible things added to this character but after the amazing spark some test footage got online, there was no way they could not move back into this property. I’m sure they will for some of those horrible mistakes and take it back a little. This will be the Deadpool we all know and love.

And….If you are expecting a R rated movie still, don’t be. This movie will be pg-13 due to one major fact. The money is in the youth audience and they won’t be able to go if it is true Deadpool gore. It will still be violent and explosive but they can do that without all the other stuff. So sit back, enjoy, and watch Fox actually win big with a movie!

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Day 3 Wizard World Tulsa: See you guys next year!

After three long days for all the cosplay, merch, and celebrities that we could ask for, it has come to an end. If you were anything like us, you are worn out and glad to be at home. After a convention comes ends, there is always that day of pure nothing. We just sit back and relax and look over all the tweets, photos on Facebook, and show off all the awesome things we picked up from the con.

But let’s look over all the fun from the final day!

When we arrived at 10am the line was already wrapping down the street and towards the edge of  the Cox Convention Center. People had shown up early to be one of the first few in and find the good spots in line for autographs. After 45 mins of waiting they decided to open the doors and little early and let everyone in! The doors came open and it was like a flood!



DSC_2820It was nice to see Tulsa’s news programs take so well to the convention. They has had experience covering the cons, seeing that Tokyo in Tulsa comes every year. There was even a news crew interviewing cosplayers that were more than willing to answer any questions they had.

We followed the crowd down to the celebrities area and just chatted with a few of them. They would not allow us to use our camera down in that area, for obvious reasons, so we do not have many pictures of the guest. ( If you have some that you would like to have featured, just send them to our email at


The cosplay on Sundays is always a little lighter but the level of cosplay did not drop at all! There were awesome costumes all around. We found a fantastic Black Adam and a few more that you can check out for yourself in the pictures below!

DSC_2827 DSC_2829 DSC_2830

If you could not tell from the lines in the picture above, Tulsa sold out it’s first major comic con and with that Wizard World has already announced that they will be back next year! The date we are hearing is Oct 25th, 2015.To us, this is the greatest news of the weekend. Them wanting to come back and all the vendors talking about how great the people were is just fantastic! I always knew that if a well organized comic con were to come here that Tulsa would come out in numbers and show them that they were not making a mistake. So even though this year has come to an end, we will see you all next year and make sure to come back to the blog and check out more of the conventions and news that we post weekly! Hope you all had a blast and if you could not make it, we hope to see you next year!


Welcome to Wizard World Tulsa! Day 1


Well guys, the day has finally come, and we are more than excited. Wizard World has finally come to Tulsa and brought with it the first major Comic Con. We have Tokyo in Tulsa which represents the anime fandom with the best of them but we have yet to have a big ticket Comic Con come in. Finally we have an entire weekend of A-list celebrities and more vendors than you can shake a stick at. (click here for a schedule of all day tomorrow)

As is to be expected, the crowds were large but not nearly as big as they will be tomorrow. Everyone was buzzing around and all with smiles. The cosplayers were out in force (although I expect there to be many tomorrow) and there was a everything from Doctor Who to Dragon Ball Z. Make sure to look over the small gallery below to see all the awesome cosplay we found tonight and make sure to check back tomorrow night for even more!


DSC_2803The game rooms down below were already crawling with people playing someDSC_2802 of the 100’s of free games there. If you get the chance make sure to check out the gaming floor and play a round or two and make some new friends! Love role playing games? They will be running DnD and Pathfinder all weekend long. Card games more your pace? Magic and others are also going most of the day! A great time for any table top gamer and just people who want to take a load off and laugh!


Now, let’s just talk over the look of the con. The DSC_2807convention center just looks like a different place all together. The main floor is opened up and just seems to be enormous! The vendors have it packed out and there is unique items, collectibles, and clothes from wall to wall! If you can not find what you want here then you either have very specific taste or you are looking for the wrong thing! Make sure to plan for time to walk slowly and oh! and ah! at all the fantastic artist and craft makers as well! This should take you hours to make it through just to appreciate all the awesome!

The Wizard World merch table also has some pretty cool things to grab. I personally will be picking up a patch and lanyard tomorrow (and in case you were wondering, no we were not paid to say this…we wish we were)

All in all it was an amazing first day and we can’t wait to check out some of the awesome panels tomorrow and just soak in all the love for our geek fandoms! Make sure to look out for us and check back tomorrow for more coverage and even more cosplay. For now, enjoy the small gallery!

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DSC_2801 DSC_2804 DSC_2805 DSC_2810 DSC_2811 DSC_2812 DSC_2813 DSC_2796 DSC_2798

We will see Deadpool back on the big screen in 2016!

Well its official! We will see our favorite anti-hero back on the big screen. It looks to be an August release and it will no doubt set the Internet on fire this week just like the main character of the movie would! Now for a picture of Deadpools reaction…


There are already rumors swirling that he will even have a cameo in the new XMen movie coming. I’m not sure about that one but possible an end credit scene teasing the movie.


But who will play/voice the insane immortal man? I have doubts that you will see Ryan Reynolds anywhere near this fill… who would you have play him? Will it be pg-13 or R? Answer this, ask more questions, or just say hi in the comments below!

An awesome cosplay shin-dig!

The 2014 DCC had an awesome moment Saturday night. The lovely Nerd Wife and I made our main to the main event room for the Cosplay contest! Everyone was excited and we were not disappointed!

SAM_0130From the very beginning it was a nonstop train of awesome. From Deadpool dancing around to Lego Batman coming onto the stage, it was a sight to  behold! There were awesome costumes and great skits done by a host of different cosplayers.

At the end of the show we left to get some more pictures and talk with a few of the attendees. We didn’t stay to see the winner. To usSAM_0136 the art of cosplay is not something that someone can win. They were
all amazing costumes and took someone a lot of time to create. They all won in our book. Now if you want to know who won “best in show” then we will let you know. There was an awesome old school Mr. Freeze, set up with LED’s and all, that was amazing. He was awarded best in show and did an amazing job on costume but again, we loved them all. Make sure to watch the video below to see some of the awesome acts that were there that night!!