A fun little talk with Kitten in Strings Cosplay!

This week we got the chance to talk to KitteninStrings Cosplay! It was an awesome time getting to know her just a little bit better. She is an experienced cosplayer and has been doing all this since 2006! She is based out of the New England area and is an awesome geek in all the best ways! She loves making costumes, reading comic books, playing video games, watching anime, sewing, dancing, singing, and table top gaming. What more could you ask for?!

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Below is the awesome talk we had with her and check out the small gallery after! Enjoy!


1. I make a lot of props and help make a lot of costumes. It never fails that I cut/burn/hurt myself every time. What’s the worst injury you have had thanks for cosplay?
“Oh Goodness! Hmmm… I’m SO accident prone.. Though I think the most expensive and worst one to date has to be that I was in my Rarity Satyr cosplay in a fashion show and fell off the runway and fractured my ankle. I finished the show, but for like 3 months after any time I wore heels it would kill. >.> Though I recently had a dream I was working on some armor for something and cut my thumbs off with the ban saw… O.O”

2. What is your favorite memory from a convention?
“So many!! I can never remember or pick just one! I go to too many cons a year to even begin to think of an answer to this question.”

3. We love asking random questions. Would you rather be forced to walk with Jello in your shoes, or sand in your shoes?
“Jello. Final answer……… it’s so squishy.”

4. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?
“The New Hunger Games, followed by Big Hero 6 for the 3rd time.”

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5. Any big plans for 2015?
“Hmmm. Cosplans YES! I hope to finally get one of my dream cosplays done! ^___^ I’m working on it now, so no spoilers.”



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