Let’s have a conversation about Benedict Cumberbatch and Doctor Strange.

ICYMI, Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Star Trek Into Darkness, and the Hobbit) was
cast as Marvel’s ‘Sorcerer Supreme’ in the upcoming solo movie. While this has made most of
his fans jump up and down for joy I just want to explain why I think this wasn’t the best option.

I want to start by saying I do love him as Sherlock, and I didn’t hate him as Khan. But I don’t
feel like he can pull off Dr. Strange. Not to say he can’t, but neither role prepares him for this
particular character, and I fear that he will end up playing it too much like Sherlock. Which
frankly is a disservice to a wonderful character.

But more importantly, I feel like he is too well loved by his fans for this kind of role. He is
someone that isn’t going to be seen as the role, but himself. This is already happening, and
again this is a disservice to an amazing character. One of the reason that Marvel has done
well is that they have taken relatively unknown actors that are really good and placed them in
iconic roles, this breaks that mold. I sincerely hope his fans can look past him and at the role,
but already it’s looking like most of them won’t. I guess time will tell.

Again, I am a fan of his to an extent, and I love Doctor Strange, this is simply my viewpoint on
the subject, Mine alone. What do you think? Let us know below and let’s have a conversation. Maybe you can help me see something I am missing. check us out on Facebook by Clicking here.


Deadpool fans can rejoice!


Go a head and wave back because this anti-hero’s movie is moving forward. One of the only things holding them back was who would play the merc with a mouth in his truest of forms. Well today we got this as an answer:


Ryan Reynolds posted this on his Twitter and set the comic book nerd, me included, into a frenzy!

He will be returning to to play the role of Wade Wilson that he started in Wolverine Origins. There were some people who had hoped for a different actor to take the role and thus, rebooting the entire character. Today we know this is not the case.

There were some terrible things added to this character but after the amazing spark some test footage got online, there was no way they could not move back into this property. I’m sure they will for some of those horrible mistakes and take it back a little. This will be the Deadpool we all know and love.

And….If you are expecting a R rated movie still, don’t be. This movie will be pg-13 due to one major fact. The money is in the youth audience and they won’t be able to go if it is true Deadpool gore. It will still be violent and explosive but they can do that without all the other stuff. So sit back, enjoy, and watch Fox actually win big with a movie!

Are you excited? Let us know!

A new Nerd Wife review! Big Hero 6!

written by: Glyconerd (www.facebook.com/glyconerd)

Big Hero 6: Come One Come All!



I wanted to take my kids to see this movie opening weekend but secretly, I was the one that wanted to see it most. BH61Animated movies are no longer just for children and I think it’s awesome. This movie is a MUST see! I loved it. The beginning is a little sad but it sets the whole movie up. It’s about Hiro, the main character/teenage brother of Tadashi. Hiro wasn’t really into the idea of going to college like his brother and Tadashi tried to show him the joy and achievements of being something greater. Tadashi was in the process of creating a personal robot nurse as a school project that can diagnose various ailments and injuries; he called him Baymax. This persuaded Hiro to try and get into this prestigious school via a science fair by creating something called microbot; basically tiny robots that you can control with your mind and do almost anything. The microbots are also are extremely attracted to one another, much like an ionic bond for all you science buffs out there. I will not ruin the story but some stuff goes down and the microbots are gone for good.


BH63The awesome thing about Baymax is he is just so freakin lovable and cute! Everything from his large marshmallow figure to his need to help just gives you all the warm fuzzies and you just want to snatch him up and have one of your own! This drive to help led Baymax to help Hiro find more microbots that were being manufactured in an old warehouse somewhere in the city. Of course, this gets them in a bit of trouble… You know, giant robot walking through the city with a teenage boy trying to catch up and then they get caught by the guy who stole the microbot design. This is when Baymax gets some much needed/super awesome upgrades! Although don’t worry he is still quite the goober. The rest of the story, as you can imagine is fighting the bad guy to save the world with a touch of heart wrench at the end.

Moral of this review is, it doesn’t matter if you have kids, go see the movie. Take your girlfriend.. Don’t have one? No problem, take your sister/brothers kids! Don’t have those either? You don’t need’em.  Just drag yourself to the theatre and make sure to come back and tell me thank you! This movie is awesome and the sequel that they set up is going to be great as well. I love this movie more than any animated movie I’ve seen in a while. Baymax for the win!

Overall rating: 10 out of 10!! There was nothing more than could have added to this movie to make it any better!

We talk Power Rangers with Jason David Frank


This week we were given the chance to sit and talk with one, if not the, most popular Power Ranger of all time, Jason David Frank. Just to give you a little back ground, if you didn’t know, Jason was Tommy, the green ranger, on the original series. He has since done many different appearances on the show. So when we got the chance to sit and talk with him, the Rangers were a first stop when it came to questions.

The rumors of a reboot have been going around and gaining some steam over the past month or so. Once we asked the question he smiled big and told us ” The new movie will be filmed in 2015, it’s not written yet. I’ve talked with Saban but it’s just not written yet.” This put a big smile across my face! I was glad to hear it confirmed but is this just a reboot or a continuation of the series?  Here’s what he had to say on that: “They don’t want me to call it a reboot. It’s a re-envisioning of the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers.”  He added ” I’m sure I’ll be involved, and I’m down for that and down for the brand.” 

When the chance of a Green Ranger series was brought up he told us simply ” I tried working on the Green Ranger series, and that’s not completely out, but with the Lionsgate reboot, they don’t want anything to out shine that.”

It was great to see him still so in love with the character that brought him into fame and the lime light when he was only 18 years old. The show holds a special place with a lot of people and he seemed to understand that. He talked numerous times about his fans and how much he loved getting to be with them at the comic cons and doing interviews like this one.

Speaking of fan projects, we asked about his involvement with Bat in the Sun and the awesome videos that they are doing o1920439_10152506416466687_323403750991386589_nver on YouTube.

” You know, it’s funny man. I tell this story to everyone. They ask how do I know if these interviews are real or not and I just say, you don’t care. You treat every interview equal. It doesn’t matter if they have one fan on a podcast or you got 5 million fans, if you treat them equal you’ll make a hit. So with Aaron [from Bat in the Sun] he called and and said how would you like to do this, and I just said yeah, yeah, I’ll help you out. He loves the white ranger so i’ll help him out. I had never seen his work yet and I agreed to help him. I’m a man of my word so he said go check out my work and I told him I would. So I looked it up and saw like 5 million views on Youtube, on Predator vs Wolverine and I love Wolverine so, but I thought his work was phenomenal. And it just happens to be that now he is the executive producer on my reality show, my mighty morphin life, without him and his dad I couldn’t produce the show. I think that God just puts the right people in your life and sometimes it’s great when you meet people to not ask what can you do for me, but just meet them as a person.”


New suit from the upcoming Bat in the Sun video

New suit from the upcoming Bat in the Sun video

We talked a little with him about the new episode of the Super Power Beat Down on Bat in the Sun. ” We just got done filming with Saban on the Green Ranger vs Ryu beat down.  Which we got Sabans approval, which is a big thing cause there is a lot of underground stuff that’s being made. It was a big deal.” I am personally excited to see how this one comes out and make sure to check out Bat in the Sun here on Youtube! You can also check out the trailer to his new web series on their channel has well!

Well guys, that wraps up our talk with Jason David Frank. The main things to take from this it that the Power Rangers movie is coming,  JDF will likely be involved in it, and even if not he is working close with Saban and doing more Ranger centered things! It was awesome to meet such a down to earth and all around great guy! Make sure to watch out for all of his new projects coming. You can find most of it at the links below! Till next time guys.

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Spawn coming back to HBO…not the big screen


Well, if this isn’t bitter sweet news, I don’t know what is. The man himself, Spawn is back! It seems that the animated series that was so popular on HBO is in the works for a come back. This is great news to a number of fans who have been waiting a long time to see their favorite anti-hero again.

Creator of the hellish character teased fans on his Facebook page with this image just earlier this week.


There was also a concept art image of a city street. It looks dark, as it should, and I personally hope that it does great and his popularity rises again. But this is not the Spawn news I had hoped for.


Being a fan since the start of this great series, I had hoped for news of a movie reboot. I loved the original movie and believe the only thing that held it back at all was the CGI. Now days those problems would be left in the dust and McFarlane could bring the dark and sinister world to life in all its glory.

This is a start in my eyes but will they just stick with an animated series? Are there plans to bring him back to the big screen? With all of the awesome superhero movies, why not bring something darker to the screen for all the adults out there? There is no telling at this point but I can always hope.

What about you? Are you satisfied with an animated series or would you like to see his rebirth in a movie also? Tell us below!

Captain Marvel is my favorite new addition


What a day! With Marvels “event” this morning, the fan boys have gone full blown crazy. Not that they shouldn’t be, because face it, the news was nothing short of stunning!  Now most of them were already rumored to be in the works but it was nice to see them official.image

There were plenty of new superheroes announced but the one we are talking about here is the one that caught my eye the most, Captain Marvel.

The fact that I am so interested in this movie was a surprise to me. Now I love Captain Marvel just as much as most comic fan, but she was never my favorite. Something about this strong female hero coming had me excited. Carol Danvers is nothing short of an awesome character, and well rounded at that. But just how does she fit in?

In the comics her journey starts with something that seems pretty familiar. She gets injuries due to Iron Man, who has been taken over during a fight in Cape Town… Now, if you believe like most of us, there is a huge fight in Africa in Age of Ultron. That leads to the first time we will see  T’challa, during what I think will be a search for vibranium. If this is true then why would it not make sense that perhaps we are introduced to Ms. Danvers here as well? It’s not a stretch to think that at some point in this movie that Ultron takes control of Iron Mans suit, and this could lead to her injury. Looking at all the movies coming down the line, they could use her in several movies, and take their time explaining who she is. I think it is pure genius!

If they at least introduce her in Age of Ultron there is reason to believe you could see the continuation of that in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and then show her siding with Tony during the Civil War, all of this coming to a head and her joining the Avengers in the Infinity War. Between these two movies there will be time to explain even more about her in her own solo film, just two months after part 1. Maybe she will come into the end of this “war” with full power?

Is this to much of a stretch? Is this not a perfect way to introduce some of the key characters for the future, and personally I believe Captain Marvel will be a huge part of this story line. What about you? What’s your theories?

Is Cumberbatch feeling a little strange?

Doctor-Strange-Movie-Star uktv-sherlock-benedict-cumberbatch-5

By now, I am sure that everyone has heard the news that Benedict Cumberbatch is in talks to be Doctor Strange in Marvels upcoming movie.(All thisnews coming from Deadline.com) Now, while some people say that this is confirmed and that he is officially going to play the sorcerer supreme, but this is not the case just yet. Nothing is set in stone and you know the world of  movie “news”. But lets say just for a second that Benedict is planning on taking the role.

  • Will he make a good sorcerer?
  • What plot line will they take with the movie?
  • Will he be apart of the new set of Avengers after Age of Ultron?


Well according to the good old eye ball test we can see that even photoshop can make him look like an excellent choice for the role. Now just think about what the awesome wardrobe and make up people over at Marvel can do. You add in the way he just draws everyone in and the voice that can make you believe anything is true. He has just the flair from bringing a magic using superhero to the masses on the big screen. From what I have seen online, there is next to no one who doesn’t think that this is a great movie by Marvel.

As for the plot of this movie, I believe they will stick to the KISS rule. Not familiar with that rule? Keep it simple stupid! I do not think they will do anything to extreme, besides just explaining who Doctor Steven Strange is and go through the entire story of him loosing his ability to be a surgeon. The entire movie will lead to the Ancient One teaching him to be the next Sorcerer Supreme, and then ending with a final fight against Mondo. Maybe you use the end credit scene to show him finding Dormammu from the dark dimension or use this time to tie him into the Avengers. A little sneak peak of the future for Dr. Strange.

This sets up the last point. Will Dr. Strange appear in the third Avengers film. This week we got news from the big wigs at Marvel that the roster of Earths mightiest heroes will not stay the same after Age of Ultron. With Feige giving this statement, it leaves the roster wide open. (also makes me love it even more. I love that he plans to make the Avengers what they should be.)

“The Avengers films, ideally, in the grand plan are always big, giant linchpins,” says Feige. “It’s like as it was in publishing, when each of the characters would go on their own adventures and then occasionally team up for a big, 12-issue mega-event. Then they would go back into their own comics, and be changed from whatever that event was. I envision the same thing occurring after this movie, because the [Avengers] roster is altered by the finale of this film.”

I think that he will in fact be a part of the third Avengers installment. With them aiming for such a high profile actor, it only makes sense to add him into the main story line as fast as possible. With that said, here is my line up for the next Avengers: Cap, Dr. Strange, Antman, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, and Falcon. I think that most of the “major” Avengers will be split up for the next movie. After the probable Civil War story line, it would make sense for it to be a little less star studded. Disagree? Put your line up in the comments below and let’s talk about it!09pi9okm,