Let’s all take a moment to thank god for Agent Carter!



Finally!! There is finally a Marvel show on TV that i look forward to watching! I love the tie in to the movies with Agents of Shield, but for some reason there is just no way that I can sit through it. I have never been able to put my finger on it, but something about it has always bothered me. This is the very reason that I waited till I could watch 2 episodes in a row of Agent Carter. It was worth it!

Last night I sat 1200.2x1and watched both episodes and loved every minute of it. From the old timey feel of it, to the action scenes. There was humor, action, and still so many tie ins to the movies. I think there will be quiet a reveal when this is all over. The show is based around the premise that Howard Stark has become a traitor and that Agent Carter will be the only one that can prove he is innocent. This post is not a recap or anything like that so that is about as far as we will go on that.

It was nice to see Jarvis in the show and just how he interacted with Howard and Ms. Carter.Edwin_Jarvis_1 Wanting so badly to be involved in the action made me laugh a few times but often reminded me of how much Tony and his father were alike.

The biggest part of this that made me excited was that Marvel could put out a show that would rival what DC was doing with Arrow, Gotham, and Flash. With Dare Devil coming in April and more on the way, I was truly afraid that they would all garbage and not worth the time of day.


With all this said, what were your thoughts about the show? Is it better than Agents of Shield or do you like that one as well? Any hopes for the up coming Netflix series? Let us know in the comments below! and as always, follow us on facebook by clicking here!



Netflix wants me to have no life, How I meet your mom for two minutes, and its Kagzilla!

Welcome back to the playground! Make sure to have fun but no pulling hair or throwing sand! This week we have some interesting topics to cover with you and would love to know what you all think about them, so make sure to tell us in the comments below!


With no further ado we shall begin!


Well, if it wasn’t true before it sure is now. Netflix is slowly but surely making sure that none of us do anything but sit on the couch and watch TV until our eyes burn out of the sockets…

This week they not only secured the streaming rights to the hit show The BlackList (and for only $2 million per episode) but they also header_gotham-573848_200x200secured the rights to Gotham… miss last weeks episode… no biggie… cause the show isn’t even out yet! That’s right folks. Netflix went out and the got the rights to a show that has not even hit the old boob tube yet… Is it just me or is this a little risky? Yes Arrow was a huge hit and a great show but Agents of SHIELD wasn’t such a great hit… seems like a gamble to me but one i’m sure will pay off in the end.


Ok, i know I am a little behind with this next one but I have to get it off my chest… I just finished the final season of How I Met your Mother… I loved this show from beginning to…. 2 episodes from the end… For those of you who have not, or didn’t care to, see it… let me save you an hour or two. This entire 9 season show all lead up to meeting Ted’s wife… we finally met her and then… she dies… and then Ted ends up with Robin… They could have just ended it with the first episode. I felt like it was 9 years of my life i wanted back… an awesome show all together but come on! Can no one write a good ending?!


Now for my favorite part of the week! We get to ask an amazing cosplayer 5 questions and get to know them just a little bit better! This week we have the chance to catch up with Kagzilla Velociraptor! Make sure to check her out on Facebook by clicking here!

1. What is a food that you couldn’t live without?

I dunno how to answer this as a foodie there are so many things to limit it to just one. But steak, curry, macaroons, and key lime pie are all in the need category.

2. If you could have any car, what would it be?

my dream car for quite a while has been an Aston Martin Vanquish S. So pretty. I would also take a Shelby Mustang.


3. How many books have you ever read cover to cover? (I think mines like 4 haha not many)

a few hundred at least. It would take days for me to sit down and think them all out.

4. Jello or pudding?


5. What are your plans for the rest of the year?

right now my whole world is revolving around getting stuff ready for PAX Prime. After that im gonna relax as much as I know how.

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You can always find more on her facebook and keep up with all the awesome costumes she is putting together!

Well, not to rush off but… well, we gots places to be and people to see… not really. See you guys next week! Till then, leave us your thoughts in the comments below!


Orange is the New Black goes dark (or does it?), Spielberg kills a dino, and we talk with the new God(dess) of Thunder!

Well boys and girls it is now time, once again to enter the playground and take a break from all the stresses of the day. Today we take on one of the hardest topics in all of the world… the stupidity of the human race and things that just want to make you face palm… so let’s dig in!



dinoLet’s start with this beauty. The picture to the left has cause some trouble this week when people got outraged over it. People we mad that Spielberg went out and “pouched” this poor dinosaur…. I want you to sit back and think that over for a minute… don’t worry, I’ll wait…

That’s right, this species has been extinct for a massive amount of time. Yet people were truly upset over it. They called him names and demanded apologies for it. Seriously? That’s just to much stupid for me to comprehend…



Orange is the New Black has become a huge hit from it release on Netflix and millions of people have watched both seasons more than once, but now all that has been brought to a halt.

Thanks to the fact that people can not just leave well enough alone, the shows third season has been canceled. Apparently the main man of Netflix and the head of OitNB clashed over how many major male roles there were in a show based around a  women’s prison… How many major male roles do you expect there to be?

He only made it worse, the head of Netflix, by making remarks about how a woman’s place is in the kitchen and how can she do that from prison? Seriously? We are in 2014 and you are going to make remarks about a woman’s place? Sure, the random make me a sandwich jokes will bring laughs and stares but doing that in a professional way is nothing but major trouble…..who would do that?

Answer to that question is no one. Seems that even us, in our never failing wisdom, (yeah right) got duped and feel for a good old fashion hoax. As much as we hate to admit it this store was nothing more than a joke pulled by Empire News. Well we can all breath easy now and wait for the sure to be great 3rd season!


The lovely KC Rikku was nice enough to let us ask our questions and the answers are fantastic! Make sure to read through it and check her out on facebook! Here we go!

1. If you could own one object from the comic book universe, what would it be?

If I could own any object of the comic book universe it would probably be either Iron Man’s suit or Batman’s Bat Cave (does that count as an item?? haha). First off, the technology in both of these is otherworldly and magnificent. I feel like with either one of these items anything is possible!

2. What was your favorite video game as a kid growing up?

My favorite video game growing up would have to be either Pokemon or Final Fantasy X. From the Pokemon franchise I am pretty much obsessed with all the games and I can’t help but get lost in such a glorious world full of incredible creatures. But with Final Fantasy X, it was such a moving and emotional journey for me. I’ve played that game all the way through at least 3 times. Hands down, it is my favorite from the Final Fantasy franchise

3. Is there a cosplay you have wanted to do but didn’t? If so, why?

There are many cosplay’s I want to do but haven’t, mostly because I am very new on the scene and I am still learning my way around the craft. One cosplay that would be absolutely amazing for me to try and do someday would be to build a full Samus suit that is easy enough to move in and that lights up. I think that would be my biggest challenge in the future if I decide to take it on. I hesitate because I know I still haven’t developed the skills to take on a project like that. Not on my own at least, not yet.

4. Which is better Italian food or oriental?

Oh boy! This one is a toughy Honestly, I’m a huge fan of pasta and noodles so italian and ortiental food both hold a special place in my heart but if I had to choose I’d lean toward oriental, more specifically, Thai food. It is so damn delicious the way they blend their different flavors and spices together! Mmmm… I’m getting hungry just thinking about it! Disclaimer: It might not seem like it but I am a HUGE fatass and foodie!

5. What are your plans for the rest of the year?

My plans for the rest of the year… Honestly, I don’t think more than a few months ahead in the future when it comes to cosplay. Currently, I’ll be going to NYCC in October and Animate! Miami in November. After that, we shall see how things go

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Well guys, another Wednesday come and gone. Make sure to check back through out the week and see all the new stuff we have coming. You can also go back to this last weekend and check out all the coverage from Tokyo in Tulsa Anime Con! We had a blast and there was just a ton of fun! Our next convention coverage will be GlitchCon on August 1st-3rd! Until next week guys, live long and prosper!