Let’s all take a moment to thank god for Agent Carter!



Finally!! There is finally a Marvel show on TV that i look forward to watching! I love the tie in to the movies with Agents of Shield, but for some reason there is just no way that I can sit through it. I have never been able to put my finger on it, but something about it has always bothered me. This is the very reason that I waited till I could watch 2 episodes in a row of Agent Carter. It was worth it!

Last night I sat 1200.2x1and watched both episodes and loved every minute of it. From the old timey feel of it, to the action scenes. There was humor, action, and still so many tie ins to the movies. I think there will be quiet a reveal when this is all over. The show is based around the premise that Howard Stark has become a traitor and that Agent Carter will be the only one that can prove he is innocent. This post is not a recap or anything like that so that is about as far as we will go on that.

It was nice to see Jarvis in the show and just how he interacted with Howard and Ms. Carter.Edwin_Jarvis_1 Wanting so badly to be involved in the action made me laugh a few times but often reminded me of how much Tony and his father were alike.

The biggest part of this that made me excited was that Marvel could put out a show that would rival what DC was doing with Arrow, Gotham, and Flash. With Dare Devil coming in April and more on the way, I was truly afraid that they would all garbage and not worth the time of day.


With all this said, what were your thoughts about the show? Is it better than Agents of Shield or do you like that one as well? Any hopes for the up coming Netflix series? Let us know in the comments below! and as always, follow us on facebook by clicking here!



Let’s talk TV: DC vs. Marvel

After giving them a few days to settle and to look through them we are here to talk about the Two big TV shows we’ve been waiting for. First it was Gotham! It looked amazing but to be honest we were afraid that it would not live up to all the hype. Then quickly following that we had Agents of Shield going into their second season. I wasn’t big on the first season until the end. They finished strong and we wondered if they would start the same. So let’s dig in.



Sold as a show to show Gotham in a new way. A world before Batman and to shed a light on the under belly that we think we know. Sounds like a perfect show to me! This would solve one of DC’s bigger problems if you ask us. It would make it more human, more relatable. And it did just that.

We’ve all seen the scene where Bruce’s  parents die. Bad guy comes out from shadows, robs them, and then bang bang. But that’s where it ends. It was awesome to me just getting to see past that. All the bad guys they introduced, even if they weren’t quiet the people we know just yet.

Out of all the easter eggs laid through the pilot episode, the best part of the show for me was the Penguin. I loved the way they played him and the actor did great. The shot below was one of the highlights of the show to me. What was your favorite part?


Overall: 8/10

Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.


Like we said at the beginning,  we weren’t big on this show until towards the end of the first season. They tied it all together, even with the movies, and ended strong. They started just as strong!

With shield in pieces and Hydra found to be strong as ever, the scene is set. The story looks great and the direction seems a little more aimed and focused.  Not to mention they brought in one of my favorite bad guys ever… Crusher Creel!


The effects were good, the fights were even better, and the actor did… great? He didn’t really have to do much but pull of the fight scenes and look awesome, which he did. I love the way this show is going but I’m still having a hard time buying in 100%. Hopefully they will be able to hook me soon! What about you? Will you be watching every week?

Overall: 7/10

Well now you know what we think but what do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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